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This segment is for those who are not sure about the exact time of their birth, in the lack of exact birth time they do not get proper astrological guidance. There are certain methods through which the exact birth time can be calculated with the availability of some common information. Time plays a vital role in making any prediction even a second can create a big difference that’s why a great difference in the life of even twins can be observed. Generally the twins have very little time gap then too they possess different nature, physical appearance, interest, professions and education.

Calculation of exact birth time has become an obsolete practice because it is hard to calculate but fortunately we have some eminent and experienced astrologers who perform this calculation with unbelievable accuracy. For performing such calculations some very common questions are asked which anyone can give the answers rest is the astrologer’s part.

Are you sure about your birth time? This is quite an interesting question, your answer may be Yes!, but think none of the two watches in home show exact same time. The same thing could happen in hospital as well. For an instance consider that the hospital clock was hundred percent accurate but during child birth the doctor and his team mates focus onto the safe birth rather focusing on the clock hence minor difference is birth time is but natural. The accuracy of birth time is calculated on matching different events of life, the practice involves time and effort a lot, but through proper analysis a prominent astrologer may tell the exact birth time.

Once exact birth time is calculated it becomes easier to make the predictions. Astrology is very much like mathematical calculation in which many methods exist to bring out the answer to the same question. Please don’t disappoint if you don’t know the exact birth time, no need to get worry when we are here.