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Marriage Horoscope Report

Marriage Horoscope Report

Marriage is considered as the second phase of life once you have taken the step you cannot reverse it, hence the decision should be taken only after proper analysis. We as a professional astrologer never compromise in such cases and the predictions are made only after getting hundred percent confident, because this is a lifetime decision on which your rest of life depends.

The predictions are made in two phases. Firstly just through studying your horoscope and predicting the outer and natural features of your partners. The detail will tell about the age in which you will get marry, how would your partner look like some striking features like profession, living standard, nature significance, outer appearance, family background and the tuning with your partner. Furthermore the details will tell the precise features of your soul mate for which you are made.
Secondly through studying the horoscope of both the partners, such marriage report covers the number of matching ‘gunas’, ‘Mangal dosh’ if any possible resolution to rectify this err, the tuning between both of you and other family members, economic balance, love and sex relations, children and their future, what could be the suitable time to marry and finally is this fellow is the right match for you. Coming to the next level and briefing about progeny prospect, will you get your successor, their career and interest. Will you get support of in –laws family? What shall be your status in the family?

There are some instances when you have decided the life partner means you will have to have marry with that fellow only. In that case we develop bold and unbiased prediction, since this is a vital decision you would not like to take chance. The report also suggests the remedial measurements through which the obstacles can be removed and make your life happier. In love marriage family clashes may develop but the differences can be eliminated through proper discussion and considering all the aspects of both the parties, generally it sounds good but does not happen in many families. To convert differences into support the assistance of astrology is the only and the best way. It does not harm anybody rather it develops love in the hearts of opponents.

Marriage horoscope report is helpful for those who are married and want to know the future of their marital life. Life is another name of challenges, the one who says that I have no challenge is disguising himself one and making fool of himself because the fate of one-another effect life in every aspect. When the close friend’s destiny can impact your fortune then why not you will be directed by your life partner’s fate. It is not mandatory if you are supported by your partner’s fate, many times it opposes too. The role of astrology starts in case of challenges only.

Marriage horoscope report includes:

  • Resolution to challenges coming in the way of marriage.
  • Mangal Dosh if any and its resolution.
  • Will marriage be fruitful?
  • Is he/ she that fellow only for whom you were waiting for?
  • Predict the age of getting marry.
  • Tuning and understanding between the partners.
  • Impact of marriage over career.
  • How to get support from your life partner’s fate?
  • Rapport with the family member and status in family.
  • Financial status after marriage.
  • Nature and physical appearance of partner.
  • Who will leave first and the reason of separation?
  • Life and future of your offspring.

Marriage Horoscope Report

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