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Muhurat Report

Muhurat Report

The most suitable time at which the benefit is optimal is known as Muhurat it is calculated on the calculation of transit of Grah, Nakshaktra. If the bad thing is done at the right Muhurat then due to the power of Muhutar only its results will be positive similarly if the good thing is done at the adverse Muhurat then its result will be negative. This shows the unnatural power of Muhurat.

In general auspicious time is calculated on the basis of ‘Panchanga’ which tells the retrogression of different planets and their conjugation this is the reason why marriages and other auspicious ceremonies are done during some specific dates of the year, not the year around. The power of Muhurat enhances when it is accompanied by the calculation of personal horoscope. There are two different things, firstly the auspicious time for everyone that is generic and secondly your auspicious time which is specific. If any how your auspicious time is falling under the generic auspicious dates then it gives you extraordinary results; whereas there may be the situation where your auspicious time is so strong that it negates the effects of generic adverse time then too it shall be beneficial for you. However the auspicious time for different aspect is calculated separately, for example for business trip it may differ from performing any religious ritual.
Every good and important work of life should be initiated as per the Muhurat like Mundan, Marriage, Office Opening, Vehicle purchase, venture establishment, business, ceremonies, major tours and many more. Fortunately you have visited at the right place where we can assist you in guiding the most favorable Muhurat which will ensure you maximum return. The report also contains the Vedic astrological remedies to overcome the tough time.

Muhurat report includes:

  • Best Muhurat which ensures optimal results.
  • Vedic astrological remedies to overcome tough time.
  • Vedic astrological remedies to nullify the adverse affects of adverse time.

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