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Gemstone Consultancy

Gemstone Consultancy

Gemstones bear enormous power this is the reason often these gemstones are sold costlier than even the diamond. Their powers get enhanced when accompanied with suitable metals. Different gemstones are dedicated to the different sun signs. Believe me gemstones show their power within hours, that’s why every gem is not suggested to everyone. If it can construct your fate then adverse gemstone can also destroy the destiny. So always be careful while wearing any gemstone. Although there are some specific gemstones for particular zodiac sign which every member of same zodiac sign can wear but they cast minute or negligible effect.
Gemstones are similar to medicines, which can’t be given to everyone, given in different quantities, given with combination to other medicines, useful for certain time period, affects more if proper precautions are taken. The same thing is there with the gemstone. Their quantity is measured in ‘ratti’, there are also the substitution of particular gem; these substitutes are less powerful and inexpensive in comparison to the original one. The clarity of the crystal decides the originality of gemstone; there are various platforms who offer certificate of purity along with the gemstone so as we.
Gemstone is the easiest and the fastest way of overcoming form the life challenges the only thing that has to be kept in the mind that the suggestion of gemstone must be given by the knowledgeable and experienced astrologer otherwise the things may get worse. Fortunately we have some highly skilled and experienced astrologers who have more than 22 years of past experience so you can expect high accuracy level form us.
Gemstone consultancy includes:

  • Which gemstone is suitable for you, how to wear it, precautions that has to be taken for optimal benefit?
  • How long you have to wear it?
  • When can you expect result?
  • Free Vedic astrological remedies to overcome life challenges.

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