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Gemstone Report

Gemstone Report

The easiest way to overcome from the challenge is to wear suitable gemstone if you can afford some expanses because sometimes these gemstones are bit costly. The gemstones can be compared with the medicine; if the suitable gemstone is worn then it will definitely show its result.
There are some definite gemstones that favor some specific star which enhance the power of that particular star only. The gemstones can be categorized into three segments viz friend, neutral and enemy like the starts. Often the gemstones are recommended in combination with other gemstones like doctor gives us medicines. The astrologer suggest the friend gemstone when the seeker needs the support of any star which is already supporting but its power is less the friend gemstone enhances its power and the results are high in colors. When any star is casting negative impact then the enemy gemstone is suggested because the enemy of enemy is a friend; so far as the neutral gemstones they are never given alone because they either doesn’t possess any power of their own or very less which even don’t impact. The neutral gemstones generally enhance the power of their friend gemstone and decrease the power of enemy gemstone. When working in combination with another gemstone these neutral gemstone generate a unique power which is different from friend or enemy gemstone as chemical reaction takes place.

This was a short description of gemstones so as to make you aware about their working. None of the gemstone should be worn without the consultation of knowledgeable astrologer, because they can cast even the negative impact as well. One thing more, there is a definite life span of any gemstone, it is recommended to wear it for a certain time period after that its utility is over and if it has been worn then it may harm you.

You have visited at the right place where we have the core team of profound, experienced and expert astrologers who suggest you about

  • Most suitable gemstone
  • Its substitute if any
  • Working of particular gemstone
  • The phenomenon to wear it
  • How to judge whether it is working or not
  • How long will it favor
  • Combination gemstone if any

Investment in gemstone is safe because they never lose their powers, if the gemstone is in good condition then after use you can sell back and get the prevailing price of it. The gemstones lose their power if not worn with proper process and frequently wear out. If any how you have to wear it out then again follow the suggested process to wear it. In this way they will show the expected results.

You will be amazed to know there are few roots of the trees which are the substitute of powerful gemstone and they show the same effect they cost you nothing. But every astrologer even does not know about it. We ensure the best possible result in minimum time frame with negligible expan

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