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Aries - (Mesha)

Aries shall have a month of mixed results approximately in all the aspects including health, wealth, family and career growth. The beginning of the month will be good you will feel hilarious and energetic. Interested in establishing new contact which shall be fruitful... Read More

Taurus - (Vrushaba)

You should thank God for such a wonderful month of life. You will be in winning position in every respect throughout the month despite challenges. Family relation will be warm. In the second week you may meet any minor accident. You might be diverted to occult science... Read More

Gemini - (Mithun)

The last week of the month will be the best as per economic aspect. In the first week you may buy or sell property whereas second week will not favor to students, their results would not be satisfactory. You might be deceived by some trusted friend, or planned... Read More

Cancer - (Karka )

Some tiff is suspected and you may try to recover your held up money during the first half, results of tests, exams will come in favor and may get any important information through sources. But in the second half you will get relaxed from government related issues, may... Read More

Leo - (Simha)

You may enter in new venture. In business or profession any close one may dupe you and loss of investment is also suspected. However devotion towards mentor shall be good and there would be the settlement of property disputes. Health may fluctuate some seasonal... Read More

Virgo - (Kanya)

During the second half avoid lending money or taking loan otherwise you would never recover the lend amount nor repay the debt. Financial condition will keep on fluctuating. Contacts will grow including some VIP and influential fellows will come in your contact.... Read More

Libra - (Tula)

New sources of income may generate, health will remain fine, due money might be held up but philanthropy activities will be more. Any VIP fellow may visit home as guest and religious feelings will be high. Pleasant and unpleasant news will come during the entire month.... Read More

Scorpio - (Vrushchika)

In property sale only loss is suspected. This month will be affected by ‘Grahan Yoga’ which is formed with the conjugation of Ketu and Moon which will decrease comforts and might be insulted. Financially this is a trying month where you will not get... Read More

Sagittarius - (Dhanu)

You shall be honored at any event. Any serious charge might be levied and you will lose composure. Health will not stay fine as some blood and stomach related problems may arise. By the end of first half there might be tiff with somebody. Financially you will be on the... Read More

Capricorn - (Makar)

You will be in very dominating state, even the enemies will be governed by you only. Property disputes will not come to an end. Carelessness in business may lead to bouncing of some important deals. Drive your vehicle carefully since some road accident is suspected.... Read More

Aquarius - (Kumbha)

Not a suitable time for love affairs, misunderstanding may crop but the government cases may experience momentum. Over reliance in monetary issues might be harmful, some monetary loss is expected. Some seasonal ailments may surface time to time. Financial condition... Read More

Pisces - (Meena)

You will remain busy in renovation or construction work, stay away from the illegal pursuits else you could be trapped. Some suspicious fellow may try to dupe. Family property issues will be settled with the mediation of any senior family member. Change of profession... Read More


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