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Jupiter Transit (Time for growth & progress)

Jupiter Transit (Time for growth & progress)

Jupiter is considered as the leader of all the planets, it is the biggest planet hence it affects are also vibrant it takes around 13 years to pass through the Zodiac and stays almost 13 months in each. During its transit it affects most the zodiac in which it stay but simultaneously its affect to the rest of the zodiac are notable. Jupiter entered in Virgo on 9 August 2017 and shall continue here till 12 September 2023.

The best part is Jupiter is the planet of all the positive energies and good luck, all the good things can be done during this time it is a planet of love hence promote marriages, buying of properties or new home and investment in business can be a good decision, those who are in politics will achieve good name fame and favor of followers, students shall achieve education and the professional will attain career establishment.
Transit of Jupiter from Chandra Rashi (moon sign) is considered important than lagna of individual. The prediction made merely on the basis of Jupiter transit can never be accurate. For perfect prediction both the chakras including moon sign must be kept under consideration. Jupiter is the hope of all the living beings it enhances the working efficiency, supports wealth issues, peace, happiness, progeny, power, intelligence, passion, compassion, dedication, commitment, faithfulness, trustworthy, generosity and overall development. Jupiter (Guru) as the name suggest it bear all the positive powers and responsible for growth.

Kanya Brihaspati Gochar 2024 -2024, there are certain zodiac which are most benefic with Jupiter transit and they are Virgo; Jupiter in house-1 and favors utmost, Leo house-2, Gemini house-4, Pisces house-7, Capricorn house-9, Sagittarius house-10 and Scorpio house-11 from ascendant (Chandra Rashi) or birth moon sign.

Positive Effects:

Guru Chandal Yog which is a conjugation of Jupiter and Rahu is ending on August 11, 2017. The seekers will be blessed with name fame success and power, new heights of career and education shall be introduces, blessed with children, the fellows seeking problem in marriage will get early suitable match, economic benefit, important delayed works shall be implemented and better results shall be seen.

Negative Effects:

Those who face challenges in married life might be in more trouble, the worst case leading to divorce might be witnessed. Better to save yourself in getting any new change and avoid any investment in business, the financial challenges will be prevalent. The time is not suitable for establishing new venture because the transit develops confusion and breaks the trust between or among the partners. The communities, social or religion conflicts shall be more creating warlike situation and harassing nation integrity across the world, everybody will try to dominate and no one will take the responsibility of mishap. The earth quake and natural disasters shall be more resulting in life and property loss.

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