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It is expected to the seeker to provide accurate NAME, DATE AND TIME OF BIRTH WITH PLACE OF BIRTH to seek accurate astrological prediction. In any case if you are fail to provide incorrect inputs then we would not be liable for any rectification or improvement later on. Hence you are recommended to cross check the details before finalizing the deal. Once the deal is finalized it would not be cancelled after 24 hrs. For any rectification or development you can contact us within 24 hours. Please clarify these 24 hours are not working hours but will end as per the date change. For example you gave order on 1 January 2017 at 11:00AM then the rectifications will be entertained till 23:59 PM same day only.

AM – PM issues may arise in providing birth time; to overcome you are strongly recommended to crosscheck up to your level best and then fill the details. The details that we get, we will consider it as final and hundred percent accurate.

If you have any confusion in birth time then better to seek our service ‘BIRTH TIME RECTIFICATION. We will not switch your request from one segment to another one. In case of any contradiction in prediction is generated due to incorrect input astrovale.com would not be responsible at all.
As a professional we keep all your personal information confidential hence the report will be send only at the registered mailing address, in case of any rectification we will verify your identity only then the rectifications will be effective.

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