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Gemstone Consultancy

Gemstone Consultancy

Gemstone Consultancy:

Gem stones can be compared with the medicines in common words. As different medicines are useful in different diseases similarly adverse time can be converted into favorable with the usage of suitable gem. Gemstones possess enormous power this is the reason why everyone is not suggested to wear every gem. In short every gemstone is not for everyone. If the right gemstone is worn then it can show the result in very short span of time say within 24 hours. Overnight the beggar can become king with the effect of right gemstone.
There are specific gemstones for specific fellow, the gemstones are also used in combination to cure chronic situation. In combination the gemstones lose their individuality and attain new properties very much like chemical change and work together to overcome form the adverse situation and soon time starts favoring you. The quantity of each gemstone also matters. Our core team has the gemstone specialist who guide which gemstone is most suitable in what magnitude, when to wear and how to wear. The most important thing which generally no one tells the gemstones need to be activated unless then it will not show the expected result. This activation is termed as ‘Pran Pratishtha.’ Some precautions are also embedded with the gemstones but it is not mandatory for every gemstone. Different gemstones are worn in different metal rings which increases its potential. We ensure gemstone will bring you out from the difficult time just in the wink of eye.

You might have come across when astrologers suggest same gem stone for every candidate of same zodiac sign. It is no doubt effective but very slightly it will work. It can be compared with vitamin tablet, which does not cure any disease but slowly gives strength to immune system and also not guarantee to defend from any foreign invasion. Therefore if you want to get the visible effect and benefit of gem stone then you will have to consult any knowledgeable astrologer. He can suggest you the favorable gem stone to overcome from the particular situation. One thing must be noted none gem stone will show the same effect lifelong. After attaining your aspiration again consult to astrologer and ask him whether to keep it or wear it off. If it is not broken it can be used further or can be sold

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