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Pisces - (Meena)

The day is all fair. You may convert into better by maintaining consistency and dedication in professional chores.... Read More

Aquarius - (Kumbha)

Financially you would be on sound footing. New project could be launched also held up projects may gather momentum,... Read More

Capricorn - (Makar)

The day is quite fair. Service class will be loyal and obedient which will bring them closer to their seniors whereas... Read More

Sagittarius - (Dhanu)

You will have to be careful and cautious about what you eat and drink since some chronic diseases may surface, consult... Read More

Scorpio - (Vrushchika)

Today you will give equal importance to profession, family and social obligations. Professional tasks would be... Read More

Libra - (Tula)

Work pressure will be high but you will make out the time for love and romance since love affairs will attract you... Read More

Virgo - (Kanya)

The time is good for the students,  they will be devoted to their studies without distraction. The bonding with... Read More

Leo - (Simha)

Due to the transit of Moon in 8th you may experience plethora of challenges in every sphere of life. Some unpleasant... Read More

Cancer - (Karka )

Today you will have to pay attention to professional obligations else the situation may go in the adverse direction. To... Read More

Gemini - (Mithun)

Family property disputes may be settles in favor with the intermediation of any influential fellow. In profession you... Read More

Taurus - (Vrushaba)

To relax from the hustle and bustle of life you may visit some of your friend’s or relative’s home with... Read More

Aries - (Mesha)

Legal and government cases may become complicate and you may visit professionals for consultation. Unexpected worries... Read More


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