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What is Karma Index ?

What is Karma Index ?

We do a lot of good as well as bad things in our life. Some activities are for the welfare of the society, of the nation, of our own will and so on while on the other hand, human nature is habitual to always think about itself before anyone else. Everyone is busy in earning their livings, some people earn with total honesty while some believes in misleading and dishonesty.
What we do in our life is counted as our karmas and we have to pay for the same. The records of our doings and the degree of inevitability is depicted by a horoscope by the correlation of our karmas and creative aspects, the number of planets moving around us, and the presence or absence of the stars. If a person did a lot of misleading, or misused his/her powers or had a bad lifestyle in his/her previous lifestyle, then he/she has to face a number of obstacles in this life and have to pay for his/her karmas.

We have a number of karmic indicators like the phases of the moon (Rahu and Ketu), the Black Moon, and the White Moon. The Black and White Moon indicates our black and white karmas, their locations make it possible to depict our negative and positive activities in our previous lives. In short, we can say that karma means that we will be either punished or rewarded for the activities in our previous lives. Things become more complicated in our present life if we had done any misleading our previous lives.

According to the zodiac calculations, if you have a weak Black Moon (its cycle is 9 years), you may not feel its influence for a long period of time, while there may be two reactions if it is strong: either it will continue to harm you in the same way that you did in your previous life, or not to give into the dark impulses. It manifests itself in your life in the clearest way, when it returns back to its place in the horoscope. If you choose to give in to its dark impulses, you will be successful to face all the harms you are attempting to cause, on the other hand, if you chose to not to give, karma will still work. Your karma will work just like this: if you were a thief in your previous life, you will be robbed; you will not be treated with justice if you were not a righteous judge in your previous life.

The nodes or phases of Moon are very important points. You cannot see their influences in black-and-white. They show the activities of a person had already done in the previous lives along with his/her activities in his/her present life. The nodes of moon return to their place every 18.5 years, that means when a person reaches the ages of 37 & 56.

The positions of the stars are also important indicators. Only one star that is very powerful has a huge effect on almost the whole chart. There are about 160 important stars and nebulas which can be either good or bad and even neutral as well. The worst among these are Algol, Antares, Capella, Sinistra, Denebola, Aldebaran, Alfred, Betelgeuse, AzellusAustralis, and Sheat while the best are Regular, Fomalhaut, Spica, DenebAdidge, Vega, Altair, Rigel, Sirius, Mizar, and Benetnash. An astrologer can interpret or depict the general karmic images only after synthesizing of all the indicators.

Thus, Karma Index is just like a portrait of your karmic activities, your achievements, debts, failures and so on. It helps you in exploring the favorable and unfavorable periods prevailing in your life.

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