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Vedic Gemstone Report

Vedic Gemstone Report

This was a short description of gemstones so as to make you aware about their working. None of the gemstone should be worn without the consultation of knowledgeable astrologer, because they can cast even the negative impact as well. One thing more, there is a definite life span of any gemstone, it is recommended to wear it for a certain time period after that its utility is over and if it has been worn then it may harm you.

You have visited at the right place where we have the core team of profound, experienced and expert astrologers who suggest you about

  • Most suitable gemstone
  • Its substitute if any
  • Working of particular gemstone
  • The phenomenon to wear it
  • How to judge whether it is working or not
  • How long will it favor
  • Combination gemstone if any

25   |   1999

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