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What is Sun Sign & Why is Sun sign important?

What is Sun Sign & Why is Sun sign important?

What do you do when someone asks you a question, “What’s your sign?” as a conversation starter?
If you know too much about astrology, you will ponder whether they want to know your moon sign, ascending sign, sun sign, etc. However, ideally, they are just asking about your sun sign. Having stated that, it can be stated with conviction that sun sign is the most popularly understood sign in astrology, and you see it everywhere in daily life as well. For example, the daily/monthly horoscope stated on television, newspapers is nothing but your sun sign.

However, to understand the sun sign better, let’s assess the following in a more elaborate way:

  • What is a Sun Sign?
  • How to determine your sun sign?
  • Why is Sun sign important?
  • Conclusion

Below are in-depth details and information on the above vital questions concerning all aspects about the sun sign of an individual:

What is Sun Sign?
Sun sign is essentially the positioning of the sun at the time of your birth. Your sun sign is also referred to as your zodiac sign. There are twelve persisting sun/zodiac signs that range from Aries to Pisces. The reason why astrological predictions for a sun sign are valid for one whole month is that it takes twelve months for the sun to travel through the twelve star signs.
However, sun sign in its own definite way is not the true determinant of the astrological predictions for an individual. The sun sign blends and mixes with the other planets and determinants in a horoscope to form the true holistic blue print of an individual’s basic character, typical idiosyncrasies, strength, weaknesses and life in general.

How to Determine your sun sign?
Your date of birth is the prime and key determinant of your sun sign. The movement of the sun through all star signs is derived through certain set of dates. If your date of birth falls on that particular date in the set, that becomes your sun sign.
The broad parameters with respect to dates defining a sun sign of an individual are as follows:
Dates                         Zodiac Sign
March 21-April 19             Aries
April 20-May 20                Taurus
May 21-June 20                Gemini
June 21-July 22                 Cancer
July 23-August 22              Leo
August 23-September 22    Virgo
September 23-October 22    Libra
October 23-November 21    Scorpio
November 22-December 21    Sagittarius
December 22-January 19    Capricorn
January 20-February 18    Aquarius
February 19-March 20    Pisces

So just check your sun sign basis your date of birth from the above table. Your sun sign and moon signs might not be the same, as moon sign states the positioning of the moon at the time of your birth, and that is prone to variation from your sun sign. Every sun sign has its own set of traits and broad characteristics that make them unique.

Why is sun sign important?
Sun sign is the key factor that determines your basic characteristic and traits of your very personality. These prime traits tend to stay the same despite the relentless ups and downs in one’s life. Considering the positioning of The Sun in the solar system, i.e. the very center, the sun sign too describes the personality center that is unique to you.
There are different character traits of all sun signs, the way they are perceived, the sun signs they are most compatible with, etc. While one sun sign may be aggressive, the other may be submissive by its very nature. Two people with their sun signs promoting equivalent egoistical mindset will have issues.
Your sun sign can be a judge of your behavioral traits. The more you would read about them in-depth, the more will you be able to associate with them. The more will you be able to relate your reactions and actions. Sun signs are important and the following reasons widely justify the fact:

  • It dictates your zodiacal personality and the broad traits you possess
  • When combined with moon sign, the two can show a holistic methodology of how you operate.
  • All astrology sites and horoscopes provide predictions and forecasts that are based on ones sun sign.
  • Knowing the sun sign of relevant people in your life can offer you more insight upon your compatibility with them or their basic behavioral traits.
  • You don’t need too much information to know a person’s sun sign. Just knowing the date of birth would suffice to know their sun sign and then assess their behavior.
  • The basic character traits stated by the sun sign stay the same and are not wavered by the challenges one faces in their life.
  • Sun signs could help you in better introspection of yourself – your strengths and weaknesses. Once identified, you can attain more clarity on what is better for you and what is not.

Sun signs not only help you in introspecting, they also help to be stepping stones into learning more about the celestial bodies and how astrology has great influence in people’s lives. The more you understand this, the better and clear would be your view on yourself and people surrounding you.

Your sun sign defines your basic personality, which stays the same over the time. It also leads you in associating a little better with why you do certain things in certain ways. Attaining a proper reasoning for your actions, reactions and personality makes you more aware of your strengths, weaknesses and challenges. One can understand what is best for them and act in accordance.
So, what’s your sun sign?

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