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2024 Detailed Yearly Report

2024 Detailed Yearly Report

The yearly report developed is fragmented into weekly and monthly basis covering all the aspects of life. We believe in delivering accurate prediction report the report so developed based on the horoscope is absolutely personalized. Although we predict about all the possible aspects of life but all these are not needed for every age group hence major areas are considered first. Later on the areas are covered which depend on the circumstances. Some of the major areas are education, career, love, marriage, sex, business, job, investment, property, wealth, heath, higher education, foreign excursion and progeny. The secondary areas including minor diseases, family issues, marriage issues, children education and special occasions.
The customized yearly reports are also developed where the seeker wants to know more about some specific areas then we develop the report accordingly. The yearly report enables you to peep into your future in advance and plan the year accordingly, this facilitates to know the most favorable and tough time of the year. The report so developed bears the Vedic astrological remedies to overcome from the tough time and extract the benefic results. The major happenings of the entire are also predicted in advance.

The Vedic astrological remedies include slight change in day to day life to avoid the upcoming challenges, practicing Vedic Mantras if possible benefits a lot and amazingly converts the adverse situation in the favorable and hence yielding expected results. It is recommended to be done by the seeker otherwise we can manage it from our end; our team of astrologers will do it on behalf of seeker. Most of the harmful ‘yog or dosh’ including Kal Sarp dosh, Shani Rahu Yog, Chandra Rahu Yog, Chandal Yog can be overcome with special rituals followed by recitation of Vedic Mantras. Even ‘Markesh Dasha’ can be postponed; this is such a dasha in which the death of the person is sure. It is a deadly conjugation of ‘Mangal, Rahu, Ketu and Shani’ all these planets are powerful and when combined together make ‘Markesh Dasha’. It can only be postpone because death is sure for all. We perform such auspicious rituals on the behalf of seeker if demanded. The remedies also based on the calculation of numerology generally remedies are simple and easy to implement.
The report is generated by profound and experienced astrologers whose prediction accuracy is unchallenged. You have visited at the right place where we not only show you the future but also let you know the best and the easiest way to escape from the challenges and utilize the favorable time for optimum benefit.
Some advance features:

  • Report is developed on weekly and monthly basis
  • Personalized yearly report is generated on the basis of horoscope
  • All the major areas of impart are covered
  • Customized reports are also developed on demand of the seeker
  • What to do, when to do and what to do
  • Vedic astrological remedies
  • If required we perform the rituals or recitation of Vedic Mantras on the behalf of seeker
  • Remedies are also based on numerology
  • Easy and implementable remedies are preferred
  • Special year at a glance report free for limited time

Personal Astrology Report 2024

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