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Career Report 2024

Career Report 2024

Career prediction report of the year is explicitly developed in the easy understandable language on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. What are the major things going to happen are clearly mentioned. The most favorable time of year and the Vedic astrologic remedies to overcome from the tough time, the report is segmented in weekly and monthly basis so that you can focus on the particular week or the entire month more carefully instead of wondering in the entire yearly prediction report. Fortunately we have well experienced team of astrologers who bear a vast experience of more than 22 years.

The career prediction report is purely personalized developed on the basis of your horoscope with matchless accuracy. The report tells about the most suitable career stream in terms of profession, business or job. Major events like when will you start your career? When will you gain stability? When will you be at the height? Is there any downfall? Will there be any major profit or loss? What would be the best time to switch your career to the next level? Which stream will be the most suitable? When will be you economically free? Will partnership be suitable? Which trade will be suitable for you? Will you make property or not? Things that will assist you and those which do not. What could be the best practices? From which things you will have to stay aloof? The report is embedded with proper Vedic resolution to overcome from the situation.

The career prediction report of the year also consists of:

  • The most favorable time of the year
  • 2024 career graph.
  • Best trade, profession, business or job for you.
  • Vedic astrological remedies to overcome from the tough time
  • What to do, when to do and how to do
  • Vedic astrological remedies to overcome from day to day career challenges.
  • The best time of investment.
  • The best time to take any important decision.
  • The astrological tactics to maximize profit.

Career Analysis Report with 1 year forecast

29   |   1950

Career Analysis Report with 10 years forecast

75   |   4500

Career Analysis Report with 2 years forecast

39   |   2340

Career Analysis Report with 5 years forecast

55   |   3300