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Career Prospects 2024

Career Prospects 2024

Career report of year contains descriptive astrological analysis through which it is easy to peep inside the future and with this valuable knowledge you can plan the year accordingly. Many times it happen people lose their most beneficial time in analysis; if they take any initiative during this particular period then success is sure where as they take important decisions of life in adverse time which results in negative results. But if you know your favorable time then you can plan it accordingly and more over with the help of Vedic astrological guidance the tough time can also be converted into the favorable time.

The report clearly says about the most favorable trade in which your success is sure. Profession, business or job what would be suitable for attaining the heights of success. Will catering interests and hobbies be helpful? Will partnership venture be fruitful? When will you attain career establishment? At what age you will at the top of career? What would be best time to switch career to the next level? When will you be financially free? What could be the most suitable time for investment? Will gambling or speculation prospects be gainful or not? When will you gain maximum benefit and suffer hefty loss? What could be the best practices to enhance career growth? From which things you will have to stay aloof? Vedic astrological remedies are provided to all such issues.

The report is developed on weekly, monthly basis based on your horoscope. This helps in focusing on the particular week or the entire month more carefully and precisely. The career prospect report is purely personalized predicting the entire year’s events in details.

Career prospect report of year contains:

  • Logical Vedic astrological analysis of the entire year in detail
  • What to do, when to do and how to do
  • Vedic astrological remedies to overcome from the tough time
  • Detailing the most favorable time how it can be used
  • Astrological remedies to overcome from career challenges

Career Analysis Report with 1 year forecast

29   |   1950

Career Analysis Report with 10 years forecast

75   |   4500

Career Analysis Report with 2 years forecast

39   |   2340

Career Analysis Report with 5 years forecast

55   |   3300

Career Transit Report for 3 Months

15   |   999

Career Transit Report for 6 Months

22   |   1500