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Vedic Astrological Remedies

Vedic Astrological Remedies

If you are going in rain then you have two options either to get wet because you have no force to stop or take a shelter or wear and umbrella. Now it is your solely discretion whether you take any support or not. In our life Vedic astrological remedies act as an umbrella that do not force the planet to stop the ill effects but can minimize their impact. Every single person has born with different combination of starts hence seek the different effects, but Vedic astrological remedies are prescribed set of rules and regulations.

A knowledgeable astrologer can predict future after analyzing birth chart; he can let you know about your favorable and unfavorable time and also about the important future happenings. In general you get better and favorable results during favorable time hence you are encouraged to work hard in positive direction because you will be directed by benefic planets whereas during unfavorable time you do not get the desired result and decisions prove wrong hence you are encouraged to take precautions to minimize the ill effects of malefic planet. Astrological remedies aim to minimize the sufferings; they bear power to diminish the ill planetary affect over particular fellow if he is following the remedies religiously and faithfully.

There is a vast arena of Vedic astrological remedies that may differ from astrologer to astrologer but the principal would be similar. It can be categorized in three basic segments viz 1.practicing daily life tactics and taking precautions 2.chanting mantras, offering prayers, performing religious rituals like performing hawans and yagnas daily or as prescribed and 3.wearing gemstone, muskets and kawach (shield which is a combination of two or more gemstone and activated by performing religious rituals).

The first one is very less known because it includes minor changes in routine life, like to minimize the ill effect of Sade saati you are recommended to chew black pepper before having meals, to minimize the ill effects of Rahu don’t let the spider net in home, remove it immediately with jute wool brush after sun set and after removing spare the net from the brush as well. In fact these are such minor that seekers to don’t follow with faith; hence astrologers seldom suggest them also they work slowly.

Chanting Vedic mantras, offering prayers and performing religious rituals include the second category, in which you must know the proper and exact process of performing rituals otherwise you will not get the expected results. Its bit time and effort consuming and also require thorough knowledge whereas some precautions are also embedded.

However in the last category gemstone, muskets and kawach come, these are very powerful and capable enough to change the destiny of individual. To activate these kawach or gem stone astrologers perform specific ritual and chant specific Vedic mantras of definite number only then they bear power. Precautions are also embedded with these gemstone, muskets and kawach.
Now it’s up to you which one you prefer, it depends on your life style and believes

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