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Aquamarine and its main purpose along with cost

Aquamarine and its main purpose along with cost

Aquamarine is the most flexible gemstones in jeweler’s arsenal and it comes in different sizes and shapes. Aquamarine necklace is the top pieces of jewelry, which is mainly made of this gemstone. It gained more fame and also interest over the last century.  Aquamarine is in greenish blue color that receives coloring from a trace amount of the iron. It comes under the variety of mineral beryl, which is a mineral and family name for well-known gemstones like aquamarine and emerald. Lesser known varieties involve bixbite (red), heliodor (yellow), morganite (pink), Goshen site (colorless). Not every blue beryl is the type of aquamarines and it will lose its color quickly when exposed to temperatures or sunlight above 100 degree Celsius. Most aquamarines in the market are treated with heat and it is impossible to find whether this has been treated with heat or not. Although natural aquamarine generally lighter and greener in color, heat treated stones generally feature deep blue.

Where is aquamarine found initially?

First, aquamarine discovered in the year 1973 in Adun Chalon mountains, Siberia. The production of aquamarine was started in 1976 and nearly 70Kg of gem quality was mined in that year. After that, a plethora of sites has been found and the important thing is Sanarka River, in which a number of pebble-sized gemstones are found. The majority of aquamarine circulation sourced from various mines that are located in Brazil. Brazil is called as the Capital of World for Aquamarine. In the early of 20th century, aquamarine had been discovered in the place of Colorado. In these sites, without mine or dig, gems can be taken from the ground in the mountain. After installation road for tourism and for some commercial mining operations, it was reduced. But, still it produces the considerable aquamarine amount; it has become raised tedious to find the abundant deposits. California is also known for several mines with the aquamarine veins, although it typically produces tiny yields. Most famous locations for a California State Mine of Gem have been located in Coalinga.
Why is aquamarine used?

In ancient lore, this aquamarine was believed as a treasure of mermaids and it was utilized by sailors as the talisman of protection, fearlessness, and good luck. It also considered the stone of eternal happiness and youth. Aquamarine assists overcome the speaking fear and it is an excellent gemstone for the teachers and also for presenters of every type. It also permits one to speak very clearly and without anger in some difficult situations. Aquamarine encourages ideal service to the world and for the humanity development attuned to healing. It emits compassionate and gently energy, responsibility for person’s actions and promoting moderation.

Common uses: The most common aquamarine use is in jewelry and due to its physical qualities, it is favorite for jewelry designers. 

The function uses: The metaphysical aquamarines functions are many, including aiding meditation, releasing anger, giving courage and providing clarity.

Medical uses: Germans first start making eyeglasses, aquamarine silvers had been utilized as the lenses for the nearsightedness.

Aquamarine comes in different prices and colors:

Aquamarine gemstone has recently gained more popularity and it has been famous by geologists and gemologists. Aquamarine found in a number of shades and colors ranging from the light aqua to the deep blue. The hue, depth often determined by heat level of gemstone subjected to. Most of the gemstones found naturally are all in lighter variety and it often plagued with the impurities. Aquarium stones are treated by heat, darkening them and made hiding most of their imperfections. Smaller stones are perfect for earrings, while the larger stones are well fitted for necklaces and rings. Because the stones are coming in different shades of blue and it has been combined with pearls, emeralds, rubies and diamonds for the variety of pretty arrangements. Some other aquamarine stones belong as the hints for other colors like yellow, orange and red. This variation has been caused when other impurities and elements are present and it is known as inclusions. Finding flawless and gemstone quality stones, natural formations are rare. Commercial mines in Sri Lanka and Brazil have uncovered many large flawless aquamarine veins. In some cases, it was valued nearly dollar/karat. The aquarium average stone is worth nearly $50/carat. 

The process of manufacturing aquamarine gemstones:

Because of aquamarine gemstones are valued high in the marketplace, it can be manufactured by a plethora of companies. These gemstones are typically simple to identify, especially if they have no impurities. It has formed via hydrothermal processes that permit labs to closely geothermal processes, which take place deep under the earth. Due to the environment is controlled no impurities are present and stones will often have the pristine, blue and deep hue. Hydrothermal processes are similar to a pressure cooker in the kitchen. Heat applied to the sealed chamber filled with the water if water boils it raises the pressure in a container. This process will cause beryl to form and while done in the presence of the iron gemstones aquamarine as the final result. By seeing with the naked eye it looks perfect, but major flaw will be seen while looking closer.

What makes these gemstones so desirable?

Because of different sizes and purity stone levels, it is also found at the prices that fit all budgets. One of the main reasons for modern jewelers has begun creating many pieces with aquamarine gemstone is due to its flexibility. Bluish green color can match with various skin tones such as from palest whites to the darkest skin tones. Other gemstones like emeralds are not as compatible so that it has been used in less. But, presently aquamarine comes in different shades and deep blue, it is more flexible to make jewelry. Pieces created with the aquamarine are extremely comfortable with the wardrobes for the same reasons. Most people are great with the earth tone schemes of color or brighter outfits. They can wear gowns along with beige suits and it makes them the versatile piece that most of the women will be happy to have it in their collections. Pieces ranging from rings, necklaces, and earrings and they are easily cut in different shapes, raising their versatile importantly. 

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