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Why is Panchang inauspicious?

Why is Panchang inauspicious?

Panchang means a group of five (Panch). It comes every month, having a period of five days when the Moon transits from Aquarius and Pisces. The five Nakshatras : Dhanishtha, Shatbhisha, Purvabhadrapada, Utrabhadrapada and Reva together knew as a Panchang. In short, we can say that the duration of the placement of Moon in Aquarius or Pisces is known as Panchang or Danishtha Panchang. It is believed that the person born in the Danishtha Nakshatra may be physically challenged.

Why Is Panchang Inauspicious?

Panchang is the group of five constellations/Nakshatras and the Vedic astrology states that there is 27 contellationsina zodiac within the circumference of 260 degrees. Thus, each constellation is approximately of 13 degrees.

The five constellations which are considered as inauspicious are as follows:

  • Dhanishtha
  • Shatabhisha
  • PoorvaBhadrapada
  • Uttarabhadrapada
  • Revati

It is believed that if the Moon resides in any one of these five constellations, the time is referred to as the Panchang Kaal. It can also be believed that when the Moon enters the Aquarius or the Pisces sign, earth experiences the Panchang Kaal.

Prohibited Tasks during Panchang:

There are five tasks which are prohibited to be functioned during the Panchang. Travelling in South direction, restoring fuel, the funeral of the body, building houses and making bed are the activities which are not considered as auspicious to do during the Panchang. It is also believed that if you perform any task during the Nakshatras then you may have to repeat it for five times. Collecting and restoring fuel. Making the bed and building houses during Panchang increase the fear of fire and he may suffer from health diseases. In Panchang, every auspicious and inauspicious activity repeat for five times. If a person expires during the period of Panchang, the 4-5 dummies (burnt precisely during the funeral of the body) having flour or kasha has to put on their death bed.

The elements in the universe become unbalanced and create an imbalance within the entire family during the Panchang. Some activities like Marriage, Munden, New house etc are prohibited during Panchang according to the spiritual texts. These PanchangNakshatras are not considered during the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and Bhaiya Dooj. This period of Panchang does not come for only once or twice but it is a continuous process takes place after every 27 days approximately. This is the reason due to which it is necessary to keep on checking the dates of the Panchang.

Some of the tasks can have the negative results if done during the period of Panchang.

Preventions which can be done in Panchang Yog:

  • Distribute the sweets to the workers if there is a need to construct a terrace in Revati Nakshatra otherwise, it should not be constructed in this time period.
  • Funeral of a dead body might result in 5 more deaths in the family or nearby the family during the Panchang Kaal. Perform Shantikarma with absolute faith to burn up a body with the 5 other bodies made by the flour and grass.
  • One should not travel in the South direction in the Panchang Kaal as it is considered as ‘Yam’ and thus inauspicious.
  • Don’t make bed during this period of time.
  • One should not collect grass or fuel as there may a fear of fire. Some of the other inauspicious occasions like bhoomipoojan, ceremony of the house, etc are not considered as illegal in the Panchang Kaal.

Each and every constellation associated with the Panchang Kaal has its own impact on our lives.

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