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Opening of the month will be good since you may involve in sale purchase of property or in the construction. This month will bring new avenues for the love birds. In interviews job aspirants will perform better with confidence. In the first half you shall face some loss while in the second half you may meet any well known political leader. You may plan short journey.

The beginning will be satisfactory because you shall be performing well in your profession and in turn shall get the expected return. Your consistent hard work will be rewarded monetary benefit and your reputation will increase. You may involve yourself in sale purchase of land property or in the construction of home. Those who are in partnership business will experience best results. You will be pleased with whatever you have and do your job sincerely and intelligently. Kids may revert if not treated properly and become disobedient. You may plan some entertaining sightseeing journey. You shall have to be analytical in spending pattern otherwise the situation will become critical. Shortly you will hear some good news that will eliminate your all worries. But even then you will not feel comfortable in financial front. In the first half of the month only you will experience a sudden and unexpected ups and down in profession; to handle the situation you have to work hard and you will feel hard pressed the feeling of lax and lethargy may also appear. During the phase you have to be extra alert because the time is not favoring and you may incur heavy loss which shall be hard to recover. Hurdles will come from all sides whether it is related to professional front or from home. During the face you may meet new fellows who will be almost helpless; else their sympathy you will not get anything from them, off course your circle will enlarge. With your personal efforts only you will implement some new techniques to profession which will prove worthy and in turn you will gain better profit. In the second half on month you may have to face some allegation and infamy, hence suggested not to indulge in any quarrel proactively. By the end of month you may meet any top political leader, this meeting will encourage you utmost and in future this relation will give you benefits, but in the current phase this meeting will have no additional benefit and you shall have to fight alone to bring the situation normal. During the phase you will remain in high work pressure as a result your health may fluctuate. Think twice before making any monetary deal especially in case when you have to invest anywhere.  For the love birds this is a good month, they shall regain their love back; whereas the job seekers will perform better in their interviews since their confidence will be high. The students may plan to go out on any short journey and shall enjoy the happy moments with friends and family members.

Taurus May 2022 Weekly forecast :

Taurus May 1st – 7th
On 1st you would be highly focused and dedicated in profession, work efficiency will be high and it would be duly rewarded with proper remunerations. Things shall move as per your expectation. Career progress would be satisfactory. Between 2nd and 3rd you will have a favorable time, you would remain occupied in sale purchase transaction of immovable property, may also initiate renovation work of home or office. Those who are in partnership venture may attain better results. In business you may undertake expansion plan but for that you will have to apply extra efforts. Life would be systematic and you will prefer to do all works whether in profession or domestic in systematic order only. However between 4th and 6th you will have to face some tickling issues. Some of your coveted projects would be stabbed in the mid way even on the application of all efforts whereas in domestic life you will have to tackle progeny affectionately and intelligently else they may go disobedience. Expenses would be very high and any of the important work can be held up in scarcity of money. It would be a trying period where you will have to apply more efforts to achieve smaller targets in both the phases of life. But by the end of 6th and on 7th you will experience much betterment in the situation. You may undertake some sightseeing trip to rejuvenate yourself. You could be involved in some selfless work which will delight from the depth of heart.

Taurus May 8th – 15th
On 8th you would be updated with the happening of the world through interacting with people and going through daily journals. You will come in contact with many people and seek their experiences. Between 9th and 11th shall be favorable for the love birds they will come closer to one another. Misunderstanding and confusions would be dissolved whereas you may expect favorable result of interviews because confidence would be upbeat. During the period there would not be any big achievement but you may take the initiative in the same direction. Financially you would be hard pressed but most of the worries will subside automatically. Between 12th and 13th you will experience many crests and troughs of life. Physically you may feel lethargy and lax but desirable success could be achieved in profession if you take the things seriously overcoming from lethargy and procrastination. Those who are seeking for job may get it but for that they will have to apply good efforts. You may come across with some pleasant news from the close relative or friends. During the period you are suggested to be cautious and alert since the tide is bit unfavorable. However on 15th you will have to be alert and vigilant in monetary transaction since hefty financial loss is indicated.

Taurus May 16th -23rd
Due to the unfavorable planetary conjugation you will pass through an inauspicious time. On 16th unexpected hurdles will arise all of sudden to bother life from all the direction. Since all the worries will pester simultaneously leading to a terrifying situation. Patience will be your only tool to handle the situation whereas panic may lead to the worse scene. However between 17th and 18th you will feel much relaxed because mentally you will be calm, may come in contact with new people. PR circle will enhance. You would be filled with humble feeing for the deprived and needy fellows. But in finalizing important matters like investment or business expansion plan you will have to be practical and analytical; better to postpone the plan for next few days unless time is favorable. Between 19th and 20th you may bring some changes in work pattern which will yield good results. You may not be benefit instantly but it will definitely boost up your shatter confidence. You will work with much energy and gusto. You may prefer to work methodically so as to emphasize required focus on every major issue. Between 21st and 22nd you may visit some relative’s home and enjoy happy moments. However the youngsters may plan to go on sightseeing and adventurous journey. Family atmosphere will improve and relatives will come closer. On 23rd you would be very aggressive may pick the quarrel quickly on minor issues, mentally you would be restless and disturbed.

Taurus May 24th – 31st
On 24th you will have to put a check over anger and usage of rough language although the situation may arise to do so. You may indulge in quarrels on minor issues leading to tiff and altercation. The situation may turn into big issue, reputation can be sullied. You will have to be vigilant and alert in monetary issues else you would be deceived by someone close. However between 25th and 26th you will experience much betterment in condition. You may establish cordial relation with some political big shot who will support you a lot in due course of time. You will feel energetic, confident and happy. Between 27th and 28th you will get only the mixed results. No major changes are foreseen. Life will go on as it is full of crests and troughs. But be period between 29th and 31st it would be much rewarding phase in terms of monetary benefit. Financially condition will improve. Inflow of money shall be thick and fast. Held up projects may gather momentum; you will finalize monetary issues on time. Honor and reputation will increase. You will be satisfied with your achievements and feel happy.


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