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Saturn and Jupiter- The two Important Vedic planets.

Saturn and Jupiter- The two Important Vedic planets.

Saturn and Jupiter- The two Important Vedic planets.

According to astrology, all planets are important but Saturn and Jupiter are the two important Vedic planets. The role of all planets is different in our horoscope. All these planets are situated in particular avast has (states) which depend on its degree in each and every birth chart or horoscope. The degree of these planets is very important in judging the strength of a planet. A planet can be in 5 states.

Let’s discuss Saturn and Jupiter – the two Important Vedic Planets

The signification of Saturn:

Saturn shows the unbalanced health & diseases, obstructions, and sorrow, death and old age, it also shows the thefts, lies, hard-heartedness, hunter and lameness.

The belief is that a strong Saturn shows the good results while a weak Saturn will cause harm.Saturn has two signs: Makara and Kumbha and considered the Karaka (Significator) for grief.

Saturn’s planetary vibration restricts the limits, binds and crystallizes everything. As a ruler of the personal ego, Saturn is the planet of fate. Saturn always tests us and shows us our limits, it rules over time. The lessons of Saturn are discipline, practice, and commitment and are called the Lord of Karma. It is the planet which has the power to reward and said to be the esoteric ruler of this planet.

The significance of Jupiter:

Jupiter is the symbol of Wisdom, Justice and the God of righteousness. It is also called the BrihaspatiGrah.For children, it is said to be the ruling planet, it is seen as a factor of ‘Karak’ whenever considering children.

It rules over the law, it is fiery, decent, profitable, masculine, cheerful, optimistic, liberal, positive, and venerable planet. It is said to be as the Greater Fortune. It is the 5th planet and 500 million miles from the sun, it is also the largest planet in our solar system with a diameter of 142, 984 km at its equator. It is so much massive planet which is covered with clouds of different gasses and liquid matters are also present inside it.

Jupiter is said to be the “Delta Guru as it comprises the nature of a teacher and it eliminates darkness and ignorance by representing the “Dhakshinamurthi God”.

It is considered as it is beneficial in nature and the person will surely get merciful results of Jupiter, he will get respect and owns a good reputation in society, he will have the peace, prosperity, progress, fine health, and abundant wealth as well if it is well-positioned in one’s chart. On the other hand, the person will be extremist, liberal, lavish, careless and extravagant if the Jupiter is weak in one’s chart.

Saturn and Jupiter are the Two Important Vedic Planets:

Thus, there is a wide range of difference between the effects of the vibrations of Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn contracts while the Jupiter expands. Our mind and feelings are focused under the influence of Saturn while our moral and social age is considered under the influence of Jupiter. Humans need the discipline of Saturn as well the expansion of Jupiter, and thus Saturn and Jupiter both are considered to be the Two Important Vedic Planets.

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