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This is bit a challenging month because the flame which you had experience in the previous month will not be favor you at all. You may plan to go on sightseeing trip. Family, friends and close ones will be supportive. By the end of month you may fall in introspection phase and come on any concrete result. Your held up plans will be executed and economic condition will gradually become sound.

In the starting of the month you shall be honored and you will remain busy in your routine works. There shall be diversion towards religious activities hence most of the time you will devote in practicing religious activities only. Family relations would be good, may be guided with any of the senior family member and you shall have to be submissive to take the support of family members and other close ones. You shall be slightly shattered and need family assistance regularly; your family, friends and sclose ones will assist and encourage you at the time of need. Your social exposure will become negligible and you will feel socially discarded. Your previous contacts with approachable personnel will yield benefit. You shall have to suffer from economic crunch because of running domestic and professional liabilities. Although you would have enough cash to wave off your liabilities but mentally you were not strong and always need support. During the phase your personal and professional relation will not remain cordial. There may be differences with your life partner and with the progeny. During the first half of month you shall have to be cautious in sale, purchase and investment issues otherwise you may be duped. The second half will be comparatively good because during this time you will gather yourself and take the command again rather following others ideas. Shortly, you will come over most of the life challenges tactfully. You will again feel confident and self dependent. This would be a turning point in your life. You approach will become wide. You will also divert towards love and romance, married fellows will enjoy the bliss of love while those who are seeking for love may meet their soul mate. You will prefer to attend auspicious occasion and spend good time. During the last week of month you may indulge in introspection phase and ultimately come on a concrete result. However you will be out of confusion and your target shall be clearer. You will start the expedition with full zeal and energy, very soon your hard labor will show results and you will enjoy remarkable benefits as well. You may launch new project during the phase. This would be the phase when most of your pending liabilities and responsibilities will get settled automatically and you will feel much relaxed. Although this is a fine time from professional perspective but as far as health is concerned you have to take extra care. You shall have to take proper diet and follow healthy routine if you want to remain fit otherwise you might be get affected by seasonal infections.

Gemini February 1st – 7th
Gemini natives will have a favorable time between 1st and 2nd they will remain busy in performing their professional responsibilities, they will be focused and dedicated, work efficiency shall be high, their hard work would be appreciated as a result they will seek an upward swing in reputation and honor. You will be highly interested in religion hence devote considerable time in offering prayers and reading religious literatures. Between 3rd and 4th you will be quite confident and emotionally strong, money is indicated to arrive leading to the consolidation of financial status, in domestic as well as professional aspects you would be guided by any senior family member. During the same phase you may undertake some sightseeing or business trip. However between 5th and 6th if you want to achieve targets with the assistance of closed ones, friends and coworkers, you would have to be humble and polite by attitude. You would be self centric therefore there would be no or very least social significance. You will invest the spare time with family only. Avoid indulgence in worthless pursuits and arguments else you may pick the quarrel since the tide is not in favor. You will have better time on 7th.

Gemini February 8th – 15th
You are blessed with a favorable time on 8th and you will be successful in all your endeavors. You will get full support of family, relatives and closed ones and friends they will boost up your confidence by accepting your view and considering feelings. Between 9th and 11th you will enjoy worldly pleasures, life would be full of all comforts and you will be highly attracted with beautiful and mysterious things. You will come in contact with some of the very influential fellow who would be very beneficial in future. Differences and misunderstanding with the family members will be dissolved and the relations will be induced with warmth. Friends will be supportive. Between 12th and 13th you will be engrossed in finalizing financial matters and they will keep you very busy you will find no time for other any other work. Expenses will be mounting but you would have enough cash to materialize them. To balance the situation you will have to use mental power. You will be very particular and possessive about profession and career, to materialize your end you may go to any extent during the period. However between 14th and 15th all worries related to property, sale – purchase, investment and marital will be subside automatically, but don’t take them lightly and discharge them on priority basis one by one only.

Gemini February 16th – 23rd
You will have a very favorable period between 16th and 18th. You will be very humorous and submissive by attitude. Through your vigor and verve you will be able to break all the hurdles coming in the way of success and get full support of family and friends. You could be diplomatic at times to materialize your aspiration. You will share happiness with closed ones and well wishers. During the phase all your efforts will bring only the favorable results. Between 19th and 20th some good news is indicated to arrive through which the family atmosphere will become hilarious, they whole family will enjoy happy moments. Your will experience a broader approach to see the world, you will not remain centric rather you will think for the welfare of everybody. This is a good period for the love one and they will enjoy sweet memorable moments. You may attend some auspicious occasion. However between 21st and 23rd you will be free from all social worries. Mentally you will be very strong and confident and ready to face any challenge of life. This will give you strength to convert the situation in favor.

Gemini February 24th – 28th
Between 24th and 25th you will pass through a trying phase only, unexpected problems will surface in every field of life whether it is domestic or professional. Ongoing projects will be held up in the mid way. This will disturb you a lot and you may fall in self introspection phase to find the real and spiritual meaning of life. Mentally you will be puzzled and confused, eventually you will come on the conclusion; once the solution is determined you will apply all efforts to accomplish the task. Gradually your hard works would be appreciated and time will become favorable. Between 26th and 28th you will be satisfied to see the things moving in the right direction. Some of the coveted projects might be launched during the same period. You would be successful in all your endeavors, this shall be the most favorable period of week, you will come across with only favorable and happy news from all the direction. In personal life you will discharge domestic chores properly on time whereas in professional life there would be amicable working atmosphere. From the health point of view you will have to be bit cautious since some seasonal ailments are suspected to surface hence take care of food and drinks.


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