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Month of November is blessed with Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, you will attain the heights of success the inflow of money will be thick and regular, gain and gain from every corner will prevail though in the first and last week your due money will be held up or even denied. In the third week you would show your hidden talent publically, may be through radio, television or internet. By the end of month job seeker may get desired job. An enjoyable journey is also seen by the end of month.

The starting of the month will be fabulous happiness and wealth will come from all the directions. The employees will be appreciated for their dedicated and outstanding performance through promotions and salary appraisals. They could be assigned more important assignment and their authority will also increase. Job seekers may get their dream job for which they will be waiting for a long time. Professionals and business men will employ new technology for business expansion and yield handsome return. The life style of every Gemini native will change tremendously. You will purchase new comfortable products for home décor and also for raising living standard. There shall be cordial relations with family members and friends, you will invest quality time with your close ones and enjoy happy moments. Progeny will be obedient and will pay due regard. However in the first week and last one your due money may be held up, even denial is also not ruled out. This will disturb you utmost because you have much expectation with that investment. But this will not affect your working pattern, your hard labor will bring the results again and you will be honored. You will be successful in improving your image within the family. You will also not miss the chance to participate in public meetings and other social activities. This will not only enhance your social circle but also increases your social reputation. By the end of first half you will regain your previous economic status but be ready to hear some unwanted news form the close ones. You may also exhibit your hidden talent publically through radio, television or over internet. Your will accomplish your mission and may launch new schemes. You will get proper support of trusted and well wisher friends and relatives. In the second half you may involve yourself in acquiring knowledge to enhance your skills. You will bear flexible attitude which shall gather of every fellow who shall come in your contact. The last week is comparatively challenging because your opponents will be more aggressive and may try to overpower you. Your government related cases will be settled with the interference of some high official in your favor. This high official will advocate you just because of your past good relations. You will get relaxed. You will buy ornaments and attend marriage parties. An enjoyable journey will be conducted which shall be fruitful too from the business perspective. You will appear as a winner finally.


Family property disputes may be settles in favor with the intermediation of any influential fellow. In profession you would be performing well and family atmosphere shall be harmonious. Terms with friends and relatives would be warm and you would be considerate for all.Auspicious Number :  5,... Read More

According to the zodiac sign system, Gemini is the third astrological symbol that is ruled by Venus! Apart from Aquarius & Libra, Gemini is also an Air sign. During 2024, Gemini natives will notice some relevant changes in their life. Be it professional, educational, or relationships! People who are born between 21st May & 1st June will be able to enjoy a successful relationship/marriage. Moreover, those born between 2nd & 11th June will have their full focus on building up their careers. The ones born amidst 12th & 21st June will aim to... Read More


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