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Financially this is very much favorable month. In the first week you may involve in any risky venture whereas in second you may meet any VIP and any of your false commitment may be nailed. In the third week any of your close one may deceive you. Drive your vehicle cautiously some unwanted thing may happen whereas in the last week you will generate fixed income source. A journey might be undertaken by the end of month.

Greetings of the New Year, for Gemini natives January is the most promising month financially though to attain the heights of success you shall be selfish and may use false commitment. You will come across various earning opportunities. In the first week only you will join any risky or suspicious business in which you will earn very fast. To attain the target you shall have to work very hard keeping all the remaining things on the second priority. Your earning will be your first and last priority. In the second week some of your projects will be stopped at the eleventh hour this will disgust you and same will be reflected in your profession as well. Any of your false commitment may be nailed and it would create lot of worries. The inflow of money will not remain same. In the same week you will meet some VIP and with his influence again you will come on the same track. You will introduce some new techniques to enhance profit percentage substantially. You will be honored in the family but simultaneously your relatives and friends will jealous because of your growing success and prosperity as a result any of your close one may deceive you. You will come in contact with number of fellows. Your will leave your business rivals far behind through your business expertise and bone breaking hard efforts. But the upcoming period is not favorable, you shall be extra cautious in making fresh investment in the second half of month. Gradually you will develop a consistent source of earning. You will remain busy in property related affairs. In the second half your career growth will become lesser, you will feel restless and distress of the mishap and your daily routine will also get disturbed. Your domestic responsibilities will also bother you. By the end of month you may have to undertake any journey which would be hazardous as well. The government employees will get unexpected benefit while students will perform much better. Students will get desired results with even lesser efforts whereas the employees may have the chance to get promoted. For professionals and businessmen this is a wonderful month their success growth will be tremendous, if you want to maintain the growth pace then you shall have to be bit honest and stay committed. Deflections from the adverse circumstances instantly don’t make any sense; set your target and work on it dedicatedly. Give quality time to family and come over the habit of procrastination. Utilize the favorable period it is not in every body’s fortune.

Gemini Horoscope Weekly Prediction

Gemini Horoscope January 1st-7th

Greetings of the New Year; Gemini natives will have to be very cautious on the opening day of year, misunderstandings may crop with the closed ones and you could be trapped in disputes hence avoid indulgence in worthless arguments, better to indulge yourself in professional responsibilities and stay aloof of the negative fellows. You will have to be clear cut in approach, leave your suspicious nature. From 2nd the things will be in your favor, you will be devoted in the service of others and find pleasure in offering your help to others during 2nd and 4th. To achieve some coveted target you may indulge in some suspicious or risky ventures during the phase, many new sources of quick money will come into your way. You will be successful in all your endeavors because during the phase you will be filled with extreme confidence as a result you will possess an extraordinary working efficiency and professional acumen. Enemies will be out classed and they will admire your talent. However between 5th and 6th your held up works shall be accomplished with someone’s help, eventually you will attain the heights of successes, you may enjoy a glamorous life style whereas on 7th you will gain much with little efforts.

Gemini Horoscope January 8th- 15th

Challenges may prevail in the starting days, you will be in restless and confused state during 8th and 10th, ongoing projects will be held up at the final stage, you could be trapped as your false commitment could be nailed hence be alert during the phase it may be embarrassing and painful situation, stay away from lethargy and remain vigilant about the activities of suspicious and negative fellows. You will have to be very careful in performing your professional responsibility since a minor miss can be costly. However the situation will improve fast and you will come in contact with some influential fellow during 11th and 12th. Family atmosphere will be good members will be supportive, may get honor from the family. You will be filled with positive energy and feel confident. Financial condition will be consolidated, between 13th and 14th you will prefer to do work in your own pattern without compromising with your high principle and moral values, which may not be fair in others aspect hence you will get only the mixed results. To cope with the situation you may introduce some new technology to enhance profit margin substantially in profession at the last day of the week.

Gemini Horoscope January 16th-23rd

Opening of the month shall be very good, you may get handsome money on 16th, you will be far off from the enemies as it would be hard to challenge you anyhow, you will be successful in every sphere of life as a result honor and reputation will increase, but be careful and vigilant in monetary transactions and take important decisions carefully since you could be deceived by someone close. Over reliance on subordinates or coworkers could be harmful, some unpleasant happening may occur. Drive vehicle cautiously and take proper safety measures since some road accident may not ruled out, whereas in business or profession you may have to take some bold decision. Between 20th and 21st you are suggested not to make any new investment plan else it will go in loss only, but it is a good phase for the students, they will remain focused and dedicated towards their target without deflection. However you will be successful to overwhelm enemies. During 22nd and 23rd you will be blessed by marital bliss, life partner will quite understand; financial condition will be consolidated, mentally you will be relaxed, satisfied and peaceful. This is a favorable time for the job seekers too.

Gemini Horoscope January 24th -31st

The starting days of week will bring fruitful results; you will be successful in generating a definite source of income on which you can rely for long. Real estate and property matters will keep you terribly busy; you will not find time for yourself and family. During the same time you may come across with some auspicious news from the closed relative or friend that will give you mental peace and happiness. A big group of people will come in your contact that will be highly impressed by your personality and achievements may join any new venture. You will have a challenging phase during 27th - 29th. It will be hard to maintain your daily routine works, domestic and professional works may bother at the same time. Don’t plan any journey during this time otherwise it would be hectic, hazardous and will bring no results. However the last two days are very favorable for the government employees, they may get some unexpected money or might be promoted to the higher designation if due. Job seekers may get better job opportunities whereas you will be highly diverted towards maintenance and enhancement of your physical outfit through Yoga, meditation or exercise. Friends shall be helpful.


Family property disputes may be settles in favor with the intermediation of any influential fellow. In profession you would be performing well and family atmosphere shall be harmonious. Terms with friends and relatives would be warm and you would be considerate for all.Auspicious Number :  5,... Read More

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