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Eighth House in Vedic Astrology

8th House in Vedic Astrology


The Eighth House pertains to sudden occurrences in life, death or the longevity that one tends to attain in life. It deals with one’s life or death, the most vital component of the very being of a person. Additionally, this house also deals with wealth of a person and unplanned gains that occur by virtue of unexpected modes like insurance, inheritance, etc. It is a house full of mysteries and can transform the life on an individual. It pertains to Karma and factors that silently impact one’s life.

Characteristics of the Eighth House

The Eighth house establishes the foundation for longevity, life and death. Below are the core features of this house that derive the basic characteristic for its Analysis:

1. Ruling Sign and Ruling Planet

Scorpio is the Ruling sign of the Eighth House. Mars naturally significates the Eighth house.

2. Ruling Body Part

The Ruling body part(s) of the Eighth house includes reproductive system and the colon.


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3. Governing Factors

When a planet enters the 8th house, it gets afflicted. This means that a planet entering this house can impact one’s health, finances, well being through unexpected outcomes. This house brings forward events that are sudden in nature and unplanned. There could be criminal cases, accidents leading to deformity, sudden death, imprisonment or chronic illness. It also refers to wealth rendered through the finances of a native’s partner.

4. Relationships with other planets

Being a house of mysteries, the eighth house is by its very nature, malefic. But, its impact varies. Below is a summary of impact when below planets are placed in the eighth house:

Sun in Eighth House

Natives need to be very cautionary about their well being. They usually have a short span of life. So, exercising cautionary measures is a necessity.

Benefit from inheritance is also expected. They have inclinations towards psyche and mysteries.

Moon in Eighth House

Natives face multiple challenges on a lot of fronts. Moon gets them with positive results; they end up doing well in business. Maternal relations are not good under this placement. Issues with lungs or other water borne problems are expected.

Mars in Eighth House

Under this placement, transformations arise due to unplanned and unexpected losses, unplanned and unexpected gains; illness, experiences, etc. Cautions regarding health are advised. The natives face issues with management of relationships and finances. Problems with partners occur.

Mercury in Eighth House

The Natives are naturally curious, especially about secretive things. They perform well in field of investigations, detective roles, astrology and other such fields. They would have some sort of association with death or places related to death. Gains through inheritance are expected.

Venus in Eighth House

The natives reap the benefits of their partner’s effort. The partner is likely to be rich and good with finances. A monetary gain through inheritance is expected. They indulge in mysteries and related sciences. They also have an enhanced carnal desire that they cater to.

Saturn in Eighth House

The natives work hard and are rather simple. They are driven through discipline. They face difficulties in issues and gains pertaining to inheritance. Health issues also occur for such natives and they can be prolonging.

Jupiter in Eighth House

The natives accumulate wealth through their partner.

Parental inheritance also plays a role in their wealth. They benefit from monetary matters pertaining to others. They are good with management of wealth and have financial stability. They are good with intuitive skills.


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Rahu in Eighth House

This placement is good for natives who work in secret investigative agencies, etc. There are likely to be unexpected changes, not always positive. They are driven towards research and occult sciences and have a rather secretive nature. They sometimes do fraudulent activities for financial gains.

Ketu in Eighth House

The natives have inclination towards metaphysics. They sometimes choose such sciences as a career. They have intuitive abilities and that leads them further towards it. Sudden financial gains are likely. Natives are prone to injuries and surgeries.


The Eighth house is rightly known as the Ayu Bhava, reflective of native’s well being and longevity. It is a rather mysterious house with malefic impact. But, on a positive front, it can lead to great outcomes. One could excel in psychic and intuitive fields and reach new heights. There is also a tendency of sudden monetary gains that may arise. It’s a house of secrets and mysteries. What it has to unfold for a native largely depends upon the placement of planets and their degree.

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