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Moon House in Vedic Astrology


While Sun is the source of enlightenment in the people's lives, Moon has a more inherent connection to individuals. It is more inherent and reflective of our true selves. You can portray to be something else, camouflage your true self with the influence of the Sun. But your true inner calling is reflected by and through the positioning of moon. Moon reflects your real self.

Moon in the Houses

As horoscope is comprised of 12 houses, Moon impacts each house differently. The effect of the moon, when complemented by the general nature and planet of the house, leads to a different result.

So, it does become important to analyze the positioning of Moon on various houses:

Moon in First House

The prime virtues of the natives with Moon in the first house are courage and a personality that's dynamic and attractive. They are cheerful people and pleasant to socialize with. They have high possibilities of foreign travels more than once. They are likely to have spiritual and religious inclinations.

The natives are very creative and imaginative. They love their partner and are content with love. Despite being utterly social, they stick to their core values. They are likely to face financial issues in the initial years. Despite having a pleasant demeanor, the natives are likely to develop physical weakness.

Moon in Second House

This placement of the Moon is rather beneficial for the native. Being featured with family orientation and strengthened financial position, there will be cash saving and good income. There are likely to be chances of increased higher education and you would be a recruiter's favorite because of your skills and positive temperament.

Though featured with a speech issue, you would be respected and appreciated. Exercise of caution with respect to eyes is advised.

Moon in Third House

The natives with Moon in the third house are curious minds. They feel the urge to know more ad more. A little less on the savings, the natives like to spend without thinking twice. With more knowledge, their interests are constantly wavering.

They like to garner fame so they try to get into people's heart through cheerfulness. They also have a philanthropic flair. Travelling is a given component in their lives through travel requirements of their parents or life partner.

Moon in Fourth House

The natives with Moon in fourth house are influenced by their parents and are very respectful of them. They generally maintain a pleasant demeanor and are pleasant to be in company of. Their carnal desires are influenced by the Moon.

Featured with a strong memory, you know the secrets to mental peace. Living in the paternal home and maintaining it could help such natives earn the desired rewards.


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Moon in Fifth House

People with Moon placed in the fifth house of their horoscope are joyful and lucky especially in the department of love. They are inclined towards sources of material pleasures. The inclinations may lead them to the paths of speculation and indulge in gambling and other vices.

They also have inclinations towards spirituality and can be their best in creative arts. The love of their life also turns out to be their lucky charm. They can't keep secrets and sometimes that makes them irritated.

Moon in Sixth House

This is the most unfavorable house for the moon in one's horoscope. This placement sees lack of stagnancy in one's career, making a person switch multiple careers. There would be lack of required connection with their parents and even their coworkers.

The health complications would also persist for such natives and would specifically affect their eyes and stomach. Getting peace of mind would be hard for such natives, especially because of bad childhood memories, health problems and financial instability. Though unfavorable to the native, this position can become favorable for the father and children of the said native.

Moon in Seventh House

When the Moon is placed in the seventh house of one's horoscope, such natives are highly inclined towards travelling by, through and into water bodies. They are featured with perseverance and can stay calm in tumultuous times. Being a business person or a career in law could be great for them.

There is a thin line between being attributive of one's virtues and being pompous, and the natives tend to cross it. Settling abroad is also highly likely if they channelize their efforts in that direction.

Moon in Eighth House

People with Moon in the eighth house are again not favored by many benefits. They tend to face multiple challenges on many fronts. Amidst the challenges, the Moon tends to fetch them with positive results; hence they do great in business.

The relationship of such natives with their mother is not very good. They also need to be cautious about health issues that may arise in their lungs or other water borne problems.

Moon in Ninth House

Moon in the ninth house makes the native very brave, at the same time very intellectual as well. They also tend to get very lucky in life. They like travelling and garner enough wealth in their lives. They are spiritual and always akin to activities pertaining to religion and spirituality.

They are driven by justice and their being lucky does not affect their hard work in any way. The devotion of such natives towards their father in turn leads to the devotion of their children towards them.

Moon in Tenth House

There are less people who get recognition in the society, and the natives of moon in tenth house are such people. By virtue of their efficiency, compassionate behavior and sharp mind, they attain success. They believe in working for and with the society. They are best when indulged in their own work/business.

Though they are engaged in public work, their relationship with their own children is not its best. Be it business or public service, it is easy for such natives to get into a respectable position.


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Moon in Eleventh House

Natives of Moon in the eleventh house have a variable personality. Guided by intellectuality, they like to travel a lot. They are also sometimes driven by the desire of settling in a foreign land. They enjoy rare virtues of richness and honesty.

Such natives can also work well in politics and the positioning of moon fully supports this. They find it very easy to adapt to varied society and people.

Moon in Twelfth House

With the Moon placed in the twelfth house of the horoscope, the natives are likely to be lovers of solitude. They like to be in their own recluse. They have a very benevolent tone, though their aggressive streak is also unusually high.

They are featured with lethargy and like to keep things to themselves. Association with spiritual institution or even a Hospital are extremely likely. Business for such natives would not be very advantageous.


The Moon speaks for our inner calling and true emotions. The placement of Moon in houses shows how people are deep within, beyond their usual demeanor to the outside world. It works closely with the inhibitions, virtues and desires that are innately born by the Natives.

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