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Venus House in Vedic Astrology


Venus Planet represents the sheer luxuries of life like wealth and romance. The location of Venus is definitive of the areas of expression that the natives have. It’s a harmonious planet and it has a similar effect on the house it positions at.

Venus in the Houses

The impact of the otherwise expressive Planet of Venus depends upon the house it is positioned at. There are multiple factors causing an effect and below is the impact that Venus has on the 12 houses of one’s horoscope:

Venus in First House

If a horoscope has Venus in the first house, the natives have an addictive charm and charismatic personality. Their aura is attractive and people are drawn towards their beauty and persona. The natives are also blessed with a taste of aesthetics and are appreciators of fine things. They also tend to opt for career in luxurious and aesthetic arts. They can be egoistic and narcissistic.

Venus in Second House

Wealth comes easily and naturally to the people with Venus in their 2nd house. As wealth comes easy to them, they have a tendency to spend in a reckless manner. They like spending on materialistic possessions pertaining to music, lifestyle and even beauty. There can also be a monetary gain in their life through a partner. They sometimes become too materialistic.

Venus in Third House

When Venus is in the third house of one’s horoscope, it helps the native attain the virtues of good communication, i.e. they are too polite and soft spoken. They also have a knack for travelling. They like beautiful ambiances and clean atmosphere to function in. They are intrigued by literature and arts and mostly end up pursuing career in that field.

Venus in Fourth House

Having a domesticated characteristic, the natives with Venus in the fourth house enjoy a harmonious family life. There is a lot of compassion in the family and peace sustains. They like beautifying their homes with luxurious products and art pieces. They have an aesthetic sense of interior and they apply it to their homes. They also are people’s person and like having guests over and have a look at their rich lifestyle. Monetary benefits are expected from family.


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Venus in Fifth House

The natives with Venus in the fifth house are extremely talented and have a flair for creativity. They like arts, music and theatrics to an extent that they want to pursue them as a career. They have carnal desires and get attracted to people quite easily. They are expressive of their emotions and have an outgoing persona. They sometimes overindulge in luxuries and that sometimes works against them.

Venus in Sixth House

When Venus rests in the sixth house, the natives have strong inclinations to be of service. They are efficient at work and a great colleague to interact with. They like to think from everyone’s perspective at the workplace and are immensely cooperative. They also tend to become settlors of arguments. They sometimes tend to neglect their diet and succumb to the sweet tooth. They can have issues pertaining to kidney and sexual problems.

Venus in Seventh House

When the Venus is in the seventh house, it is a house that represents a good marital status. The natives want their partner to be wealthy and good looking and look forward to enjoying the luxuries of life with them. Their finances also see an upward graph after marriage. They seek too much perfection in their partner and this sometimes becomes an issue for their own mental health. They need to practice a balanced impression of others.

Venus in Eighth House

If Venus rests in the eighth house, the natives enjoy the benefits of their partner’s effort. The partner of such natives has an upper hand with finances. They also get monetary gains through inheritance. They like carnal pleasures and drawn too much towards them. They also indulge in mysterious arts and occult sciences.

Venus in Ninth House

With Venus in the ninth house, the natives have a penchant for travelling. They like seeing new things, cultures, music. They also tend to settle down in a place away from their native or birth place. There’s a likelihood that they end up marrying a person from foreign lands. They are philosophical and just in their conduct. They are cheerful and lively.


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Venus in Tenth House

The natives with Venus in the tenth house have a jovial personality. They garner people’s attention by virtue of their cheerfulness. They are popular even at work and people like rendering their services to such natives. The downside is that the natives tend to become too dependent and sometimes abuse their power. However, in general, they are affable and nice.

Venus in Eleventh House

When the Venus is in the eleventh house, the natives are extremely friendly. With a lot of friends, they have a huge social circle. The friends offer monetary help to these natives. They often get too carried away with their friendships and spend a lot of entertainment. They enjoy companionships of women.

Venus in Twelfth House

The natives with Venus in the twelfth house like to live a secluded life. They have an extreme feeling of escaping the monotony of daily life and learn the higher purpose. They are secretive and never let their feelings surface. They don’t consider materialistic pleasures as the judge of one’s success. They sometimes get hostile with the people they love.


While generally harmonious in nature, Venus does have varied effect on all houses based on their ruling planets and core elements. The interpretation of Venus in a house must be studied in conjunction with the ruling planet and nature of the house.

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