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Ninth House in Vedic Astrology

9th House in Vedic Astrology


The Ninth House is a House of Luck. It determines the level of wisdom and spirituality people have, also reflecting their good karma and kind heartedness. The teaching one follows, the beliefs and the faith carves their way to life. This House also determines the relationship of natives with their father, teacher or mentor.

Characteristics of the Ninth House

The Ninth house determines one’s philosophical bent of mind. It reflects how good hearted and philanthropic an individual is. Below are the core features of this house that derive the basic characteristic for its Analysis:

1. Ruling Sign and Ruling Planet

Sagittarius is the Ruling sign of the Ninth House. Jupiter naturally significates the Ninth house.

2. Ruling Body Part

The Ruling body part(s) of the Ninth house includes buttocks and back of thighs.


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3. Governing Factors

Good planetary combinations of ninth house with the tenth house form a very powerful Raj Yoga, leads a native towards immense fame and wealth. This house is governed by the spiritual and philosophical bent of mind that natives have. Higher education is also reflected here.

4. Relationships with other planets

Being a house of luck, ninth house reflects the goodness of one’s character.. But, its impact varies. Below is summary of impact when below planets are placed in the Ninth house:

Sun in Ninth House

This positioning reflects extreme possibilities of long distance travels and recognition. Natives learn new languages and are spiritual. They adopt philosophies after extensive research. They are firm believers. Relationship is good with parents and relatives.

Moon in Ninth House

Natives are brave and intellectual. They get very lucky in life. They travel and gain wealth. They are spiritual and always keen on good deeds. They are driven by justice and are hard working. They are highly devoted towards their father.

Mars in Ninth House

Natives love adventurous travels. This positioning brings out concerns pertaining to legal matters. Hence, natives are advised to exercise caution, especially when concerning legal matters. They must opt for rational decisions

Mercury in Ninth House

Natives also tend to become spiritual leaders due to their extreme inclination towards spirituality. They worry a lot. Higher education in foreign locations is likely. Learning a foreign language will assist them in their career pursuits.

Venus in Ninth House

The natives reap the benefits of their partner’s effort. The partner is likely to be rich and good with finances. A monetary gain through inheritance is expected. They indulge in mysteries and related sciences. They also have an enhanced carnal desire that they cater to.

Saturn in Ninth House

The natives have an inclination towards religion and spirituality and they have their own philosophies of life. They have an orthodox mind set which is not liked by people. They travel by and far, even to foreign locations, to attain spiritual success.


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Jupiter in Ninth House

The natives become very intellectual and philosophical. They also influence others a lot. There are inclined towards spirituality. They have great faith in old traditions and values. They like getting financial benefit through foreign places and involve in foreign travels.

Rahu in Ninth House

Natives attain excellence in the fields of religion, spirituality and philosophy. They have unconventional set of beliefs and values. They bear greed of becoming spiritual leader and also resort to shortcuts to become successful in this field.

Ketu in Ninth House

Natives face multiple challenges on a lot of fronts. Moon gets them with positive results; they end up doing well in business. Maternal relations are not good under this placement. Issues with lungs or other water borne problems are expected.


The natives get inclined towards spirituality and religion. They devote towards religious beliefs. However, they are orthodox sometimes. While this house leads to spiritual well being of an individual, it affects the health of the native’s father.

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