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The Sun Planet in Vedic Astrology

The Sun Planet

The ruler of the Solar System, the provider of light and the celestial giant that holds the Universe together, the Sun has more roles to play than what meets the eye. With profound energy, the Sun unquestionably offers a personality to your basic character. It rightly has an impact on all major factors of one’s existence- the appearance, the soul, the character and the broad perspectives about life. The Sun, by virtue of being a massive source of light, gives you the outward facing personality, the way you tend to appear to the outside world.

In the context of Indian Vedic Astrology, the Sun enjoys a dominating patronage. It has an authoritative figure that guides your basic behavior. So, despite the fact that The Moon influences the vedic astrology more than The Sun per se, there are various reasons why The Sun still holds strong dominance in Indian Vedic Astrology.

The Sun Sign

The celestial movement of The Sun on each zodiac sign drives the basic source of determination of an individual’s sun sign. While The Sun completes one zodiacal cycle through the twelve zodiacs in one year, it takes one month to complete a cycle through one zodiac. This movements leads to the determination of the Sun sign, the basic guide to an individual’s basic character and broad personality. Thus, below is the summary of the celestial movement of the Sun on a zodiac that leads to ascertainment of the zodiac or sun sign:
The broad parameters with respect to dates defining a sun sign of an individual are as follows:

Dates Zodiac Sign
March 21 - April 19 Aries
April 20 - May 20 Taurus
May 21 - June 20 Gemini
June 21 - July 22 Cancer
July 23 - August 22 Leo
August 23 - September 22 Virgo
September 23 - October 22 Libra
October 23 - November 21 Scorpio
November 22 - December 21 Sagittarius
December 22 - January 19 Capricorn
January 20 - February 18 Aquarius
February 19 - March 20 Pisces

Effects of The Sun Transits

Apart from providing individuals with a basic structure and characteristic features, Sun also impacts an individual’s life when it enters their moon sign. The relationship can be dynamic, strong or even bombarding. Hence, let’s understand some major friends and foes that the Sun makes
when touring through all the Zodiacs:

Sun in Aries

As Aries are anyways driven towards action, The Sun in Aries makes them more athletic as individuals and they are driven towards utmost use of their bodies. It is a month of challenges, excitement and adrenalin run when the Sun is in Aries.


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Sun in Taurus

As Taurus people in general have a fixed nature and rigidity of character, the Sun in Taurus makes them more stubborn and can be taken as not a very positive influence. Their inclination towards the worldliness is also on a full show, so you see them enjoying their riches to the maximum around this time.

Sun in Gemini

Mercury being a ruling planet of the Gemini, is amicable with Sun. Resultantly, sun brings a positive influence on Gemini. The individuals garner enhanced communication skills and positive power to influence other people.

Sun in Cancer

The impact on Cancer under the influence of the Sun is rather inhibitory. The individuals turn rather homely and nurturing, paying attention towards and nurturing their loved ones. They are overwhelmed with emotions around this time.

Sun in Leo

Sun is the ruler of Leo. Hence, the Leos are their passionate best under the influence of the Sun. The intensity of the general nature of Leos like playfulness, theatrics, royalty and emotions increases manifold around this time.

Sun in Virgo

Being one of the most practical, organized and detail oriented sign, Virgos experience an enhanced calmness, intricacy and health consciousness around this time. The over analysis might get exhausted, but your prime virtues will be on their prime.


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Sun in Libra

For Librans, the priority always remains to reach at a compromise and conscious decision. This prime objective is slightly challenged when Sun transits through Libra. It makes individuals manipulative, immoral and slightly harsh too. So, its hard to be at a just standpoint.

Sun in Scorpio

The Sun transiting through Scorpio provokes the individuals. It enhances the passion and willingness. On a positive note, it could be transformative, but it could also bring out feelings like jealousy.

Sun in Sagittarius

By the time the Sun transits through Sagittarius, its already the initiation of winter, causing a lot of planetary commotion in the Universe. This brings a very carefree outlook for the Sagittarius and they get extremely social.

Sun in Capricorn

The Sun entering Capricorn is a celebratory mode in India, also known as Makar Sankranti, celebrating the initiation of spring. By virtue of their prime element as water, Capricorn successfully douses the fire created by The Sun and keeps sticking to its prime attributes.

Sun in Aquarius

As Aquarius is air borne, it gets affected by The Sun transition pejoratively. They tend to become short tempered around this time.

Sun in Pisces

The Sun transiting through Pisces has a positive influence. There will be an increased tendency of friendliness and positivity in general.


The Sun is a mighty enlightener and it does bring out the basic characteristic traits in people while it transitions through their respective zodiac signs. While moon positioning plays a relevant role with respect to Indian Vedic astrological analysis, The Sun still holds an important position and influences the zodiacs regardless. The Sun, the light giver, is the king of the solar system, for all the right seasons.

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