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Ketu House in Vedic Astrology


While Rahu is a revolting planet, Ketu leads to detachment and isolation. It also has a karmic connotation to it, meaning it is the result of your past actions. Whichever house Ketu enters in, would have such karmic influence on the prime element.

Ketu in the Houses

With the very nature of Ketu being revolutionary, it renders this temperament to the natives and the core element of the house it resides on. Below is the impact that Ketu has on the houses:

Ketu in First House

If a horoscope has Ketu in the first house, the natives tend to have a quirky personality, making their code of conduct very undecipherable. They also become too self indulgent and greedy. They are featured with intuitive powers that are extremely strong. The natives do not have a lot self confidence and that’s mostly a let down.

Ketu in Second House

The natives with Ketu in their second house tend to become knowledgeable. They are also very expressive and quick with learning new languages. They have deep indulgences. However, when afflicted, Ketu can cause speech and health issues, especially with sight. The natives are also separated from the family and likely to face some financial loss.

Ketu in Third House

When Ketu is in the third house of one’s horoscope, the natives are featured with courage and activity. By virtue of this movement, they tend to become strong. They also get some spiritual insight with this placement. There are chances of sudden monetary gains. However, the bond with siblings is likely to be affected with this positioning.

Ketu in Fourth House

When Ketu sits on the fourth house, the natives tend to move distant from their place of birth. The travels are expected to far off and foreign places. The movement also causes problems in paternal possessions and properties, something that this house stands for. The natives are features with aggression and don’t have the best relationship with their mother.


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Ketu in Fifth House

The natives who have Ketu in the fifth house are driven towards philosophy. They can learn new languages actively and also have a spiritual bent of mind. Being philosophical, they like to know about things better and like researching extensively before coming to conclusions. However, they are devoid of emotional solace and have troubles in and for the children.

Ketu in Sixth House

This house is not considered suitable for Ketu. The natives become extremely prone to accidents and injuries. There could be problems in abdominal areas. They also experience a constant fear of Authority or the Government, subtly hinting towards the fact that the said natives indulge in criminal behavior. However, the natives also combat the recurrent challenges through their perseverance and dedication.

Ketu in Seventh House

People with Ketu in the seventh house become very secretive. This behavior affects their marital life in a pejorative way. The natives also tend to suffer through problematic times due to health issues of themselves, or their partners. Reproductive issues might be persistent. The problems in marriage over and over again can lead to divorce. Ketu in this house is likely to take a toll on partnership, both personal and business.

Ketu in Eighth House

With Ketu’s presence in this mystical house, the natives feel a strong inclination towards metaphysics. The inclination is so extreme, that they might pursue the occult arts as a career or profession. They already have intuitive abilities to support their interest. There can also be sudden financial gains. However, the downside of Ketu’s presence in this house is that the natives are vulnerable to injuries and accidents that may lead to surgeries.

Ketu in Ninth House

With Ketu in the ninth house, the natives get inclined towards spirituality and religion. They devote and dedicate themselves to religious beliefs, sometimes to the extent of becoming an orthodox. While this house leads to spiritual well being of an individual, it affects the health of the native’s father pejoratively or creates problem in the father-offspring relationship.


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Ketu in Tenth House

This house also tends to have a positive impact on native’s life, especially in terms of career. They tend to have strong influential abilities and tend to enjoy a lot of fame. They are skilled in multiple fronts. However, an afflicted Ketu in this house can bring opposite results. The natives indulge in wasteful efforts and tend to waste a lot of their time and life in unproductive things.

Ketu in Eleventh House

When the Ketu is in the eleventh house, the natives enjoy financial stability. Issues are expected regarding health, particularly hearing abilities. The relationship with siblings will not be its best. Reproductive issues are also extremely likely, mostly causing miscarriages.

Ketu in Twelfth House

This is a positioning of Ketu that leads to positive results. Though featured with an introvert behavior in the native, it also leads to enhanced spirituality and enlightenment. There is sleep deprivation and troubles with getting comforted in one’s bed. Foreign travel is likely but the natives need to be self conscious otherwise health problems are highly likely.


While Ketu detaches a native with the core representative of the house, it does lead to a higher level of understanding, above material bliss. As the person tends to lose control over that particular indicator of one’s life, it doesn’t always have to be negative. The house turns on auto-pilot mode, with little or no control over it. This may lead to unrest and frustration.

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