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Rahu House in Vedic Astrology


Rahu is a revolting planet that does not appreciate the idea of answerability and adherence to norms. So, the presence of Rahu in separate planets has a very revolutionary influence to the concerned houses and the prime elements surrounding the house. The results can be both positive and negative, and the impact of such presence is also influenced by the ruling planet.

Rahu in the Houses

With the very nature of Rahu being revolutionary, it renders this temperament to the natives and the core element of the house it resides on. Below is the impact that Rahu has on the houses:

Rahu in First House

If a horoscope has Rahu in the first house, the natives have an insatiable desire for social status. This desire is achieved through their good appearance, their carnal prowess, etc. They go too far to create identification for themselves, sometimes also indulging in illicit activities. They have an enviable personality and like the best of all worlds. They often take unconventional routes towards achieving their core objectives.

Rahu in Second House

The natives with Rahu in their second house are always looking for a treasure chest in various contexts. They like wealth, prized and antique possessions or even knowledge and wisdom. They cleverly use their history to benefit from it and them part themselves away from it. They are proud of their lineage and like to show off more than what they have. However, they also might have speech impairments and disorders.

Rahu in Third House

When Rahu is in the third house of one’s horoscope, the natives feel the dire need of transmitting what they have to communicate. They want their message to be heard and understood, and yearn for such recognition. They are mostly indulged in fields of communication like journalism, travel, language skills, marketing and advertisement. They have intuitive abilities and are aware of how to use them to their advantage.


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Rahu in Fourth House

When Rahu sits on the fourth house, such natives are ambitious towards their home and often allow foreign elements to their native land. While they respect their values and seek its preservation, the intention is mostly for attaining a social privilege out of it. They can also go all out for their desire and use illicit methods of inhabiting someone else’s property.

Rahu in Fifth House

The natives who have Rahu in the fifth house love to be in the limelight. They like the glitz and glamour and want to be a part of it. Hence, they mostly resort to the culture of stage, literature, polity and other speculative roles. However, in this house, the relationship of the native is not perfect with his/her father or children. Success is paramount to them and they can take multiple roles to achieve their objective. Married life is disturbed for them, often involving divorce and remarriage.

Rahu in Sixth House

This house is considered suitable for Rahu. Such people attain privileges by serving others and are good in the fields of engaging in reconciliation. This position of Rahu is also featured with monetary again, which is sudden in nature. Investments, loans, contracts, etc. can create gains and losses for them. They usually have hostile relationship with their employees or mother’s relatives.

Rahu in Seventh House

People with Rahu in the seventh house have an extreme urge for equality. They have a quirky taste in partners and also get into unique situations with them. There are indulgences in more than one marriage. The marriage is also featured with unfaithfulness. The natives also make false promises with a straight face. They are good negotiators and sometimes even marriage is a negotiation for them.

Rahu in Eighth House

This is a rather clandestine and secretive house for Rahu. It is apt for such natives to work in secret investigative agencies, etc. This positioning is also featured with sudden changes that are not always positive. They are attractive towards research and occult sciences by virtue of the secretive nature they have. They can go to great lengths and craft fraudulent activities for a financial gain.


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Rahu in Ninth House

With Rahu in the ninth house, the natives attain excellence in the fields of religion, spirituality and philosophy. They have unconventional set of beliefs and values. They have an urge to become a spiritual leader. They don’t usually practice what they preach, which makes them a hypocrite. They sometimes crave for shortcuts to become successful and that’s not always an honest approach.

Rahu in Tenth House

Being the house concerning career, the native with Rahu in this house will have an insatiable desire to succeed in their profession. They prefer to lead in their roles and earn the desired respect. They try to benefit out of the existing loopholes to be where they want to be. They don’t have a very good childhood. While their primary goal is success, this might also lead to accomplishment of some other objectives.

Rahu in Eleventh House

When the Rahu is in the eleventh house, the natives feel the need of being in a high rank or post, and most of their interactions will have this personal interest involved. They like people from elite backgrounds and try establishing important networks. This position is actually very beneficial to the natives in financial terms. However, problem arises when the native tries to go all out and adopt unfair means of establishing the desired social circle.

Rahu in Twelfth House

Such natives with Rahu in twelfth house have an extreme possibility of serving jail time or being hospitalized. If not so, a beneficial influence can make one associate with a hospital or prison. Foreign travel is also indicated here. The natives tend to indulge in unnecessary expenses, secret relationships, etc. Meditation is recommended for such individuals to attain an elevated position in life.


With the presence of Rahu in a particular house in one’s horoscope, it would be the area where one feels incomplete. One also feels those revolting and revolutionary feelings towards the core elements of the house. Rahu is featured with unrest, and it is beneficial to know that area in one’s life.

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