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Mercury House in Vedic Astrology


Planet Mercury aptly represents the level of intellectuality in its natives. The level and area of intellect in various houses varies depending upon the ruling planet of the house.

Mercury in the Houses

Mercury influences one’s intellect, thought and communication.

It is indeed an important planet as it reveals the insight on one’s mind and intellectuality. Below is the impact that Mercury has on the houses:

Mercury in First House

If a horoscope has Mercury in the first house, such placement is very powerful in terms of insight and intellectuality. The mind is sharp and problem solving abilities are immensely prompt. However, multiple thoughts are often floating around in the heads of these people so it is important to give them a direction. It leads to a balanced stated of mind for the native.

Mercury in Second House

The natives with Mercury in their second house have a sharp wit and attain a lot of knowledge and wisdom in their lives. They communicate well and are good articulators. They manage their money well and are effortlessly efficient with management of finances. Any job that involves written and oral communication, such natives would excel at that. While this house is highly domesticated in itself, such natives will possess high values.

Mercury in Third House

When Mercury is in the third house of one’s horoscope, it is featured with many short journeys. These journeys could be for educational or professional purposes. The natives are good at many things and also indulge in more than one course. As they travel a lot, their intellectual and communication skills are very hood and they work well in careers involving writing, journalism, etc.

Mercury in Fourth House

This house is also dedicated to the comfort one derives at home. Therefore, the general ambiance persisting at home creates an impact in the lives of the natives with Mercury in fourth house. They enjoy family time and it rejuvenates them intellectually. They are mostly stuck in a rut for reasons of education or profession. They need to lay easy a little bit.

Mercury in Fifth House

The natives who have mercury in the fifth house have a general temperament of positivity and creativity. Their intellectuality is often driven towards career pursuits in the fields of education or art. The natives also like imparting their knowledge and wisdom on to other people. Therefore, being a lecturer or teacher comes naturally to them. They are seldom very dramatic in representation of their emotions.


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Mercury in Sixth House

This house is not best suited for Mercury as it tends to create restlessness for the native. They feel anxious and the stress levels are high as well. They work too hard because of their own set of apprehensions. They also tend to burn the candles at both ends, sometimes affecting their mental health. They enjoy working with gadgets but might have multiple job switches for lack of satisfaction derived.

Mercury in Seventh House

People with mercury in the seventh house can always be seen day dreaming about their future partner and life after marriage. They go out of their way in ticking off every item in the checklist for the perfect partner. By virtue of this checklist, they also tend t attain a partner with intellectual prowess. The natives are good in debating and arguments. They respect even the relatives of their partner. They are good negotiators and are rather truthful about their intentions in collaborations.

Mercury in Eighth House

If the mercury rests in the eight house, the natives usually bear a curious nature. They like to know all about secrets and facts. Because of this rare virtue, they are great in careers in the field of investigations, detective roles, astrology and other such fields. Such natives would have some association or the other with death or places related to death. Inflow due to inheritance is also highly likely for such natives.

Mercury in Ninth House

With Mercury in the ninth house, the natives have an inclination towards spirituality, to an extent of becoming a spiritual leader or motivator. They fret too much about things. They are likely to travel to a foreign location for higher education. If they pursue studies pertaining to learning a foreign language, it will be really helpful for them.

Mercury in Tenth House

With Mercury in tenth house, the natives can be good imparters of knowledge, and hence become great teachers. They have a tendency to get involved in more than one work. Travelling is also very common in their life. They are very innovative and creative, appearing very intellectual to others.


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Mercury in Eleventh House

When the Mercury is in the eleventh house, the natives have a flair for the fields of research. They want to attain success in terms of social status. To be in good books of the society, they are always nice to people around them. They like thought provoking interactions and are also good in the field of communicating their idea and opinions on others. Careers in the field of spokesperson are good for such natives.

Mercury in Twelfth House

Such natives with mercury in twelfth house have the rare virtue of understanding unique subjects. They like mystery and can unravel them with their strong intuitions. They unearth and simplify the mysteries and complexities. They have a bigger vision towards life and do not let small issues bother them.


Mercury, if at its right placement, can bring about a rare harmony between the body and mind. When the placement of Mercury and the Sun is together, it is known as a Budh Aditya Yoga. This is a rare intellectual yoga. Mercury influences your mind and can bring about a harmony between your mind, body and soul.

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