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Saturn House in Vedic Astrology


Saturn stands for limitations, hardships, delay in results. It sometimes also leads to denial. It’s a tactful teacher that wants to turn individuals into better beings. The positioning of Saturn at the time of one’s birth specifies the area where individuals face difficulties.

Saturn in the Houses

Saturn throws challenges and is like a task master. If one manages to conquer the challenges so brought forward by Saturn, the results can be extremely rewarding. However, the detailed effect of Saturn can be analyzed on each house as below:

Saturn in First House

If a horoscope has Saturn in the first house, the natives are introverts. They seem like cold people but in reality they just are introverts. They are featured with loyalty and are bankable. They often don’t have a positive outlook towards things, but understand the importance of hard work. By virtue of their hard work, they attain success quite late in their life.

Saturn in Second House

When Saturn is in the second house, the natives are good in managing money. They like saving and implying investment strategies. They take pride in their heritage and work hard towards maintaining it. They sometimes get too engrossed in wealth generation that they can’t enjoy the real pleasures of life. The positioning of Saturn can also cause poverty for the natives sometimes.

Saturn in Third House

When Saturn is in the third house of one’s horoscope, the natives face issues due to lack of communication skills. They are pessimistic in temperament and people don’t enjoy company of such people. They are good with crafting strategy and in analytical roles. They need to exercise caution while driving.

Saturn in Fourth House

Saturn in the fourth house makes the natives conservative and orthodox. They like traditions and follow them. They are also proud of their heritage and customs and like being attached to them as long as they can. They like permanence. In family life, they assume a lot of responsibilities. For such natives, parental loss occurs quite early in life.


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Saturn in Fifth House

The natives with Saturn in the fifth house feel incomplete in the department of love. They don’t feel free to express themselves. They like getting into serious relationships but the lack of romance doesn’t make them last long. This position of Saturn also indicates problems with having children. They must learn how to express their emotions freely in order to enjoy real relationships.

Saturn in Sixth House

When Saturn rests in the sixth house, the natives don’t enjoy the best of health. They must exercise caution regarding their diet. They also don’t enjoy popularity at workplace due to their behavior. With high expectations from people they work with, their mindset is not much appreciated. They are quick learners and hard working people. They bear a risk of accidents at the workplace.

Saturn in Seventh House

When the Saturn is in the seventh house, natives are attracted towards a partner who is older than them. They seek loyalty and dependability in their partner. However, they are faced with insecurity in their relationship and always seek an emotional assurance. There is an intense need of dependence on the partner and sometimes marriage is delayed for the qualities you seek.

Saturn in Eighth House

If Saturn rests in the eighth house, the natives are drawn towards hard work and simple tastes in life. They are disciplined and would rather enjoy the final objective than short term goals. Matters pertaining to inheritance will be faced with difficulties. The health is also affected for natives in this house. The Health issues can be prolonging and sometimes chronic.

Saturn in Ninth House

With Saturn in the ninth house, the natives have an inclination towards religion and spirituality. They reach a level of introspection through their own philosophies of life. They bear a conservational view point and orthodox mind set which is not generally appreciated. They can also venture to foreign lands and attain success there.


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Saturn in Tenth House

The natives with Saturn in the tenth house have a good understanding of business. By virtue of hard work and continual efforts, they tend to attain success in business. They must be aware of their duties and plan on fulfilling them. They need to be ambitious, but at the same time need to not let that overpower their emotions.

Saturn in Eleventh House

While natives who have Saturn in their eleventh house are surrounded by many people, only a few are close to them. They take time in indulging in meaningful and honest friendships. They are slightly introverted and some childhood experience actively contributes to such behavior. They assume responsibility, even in a group.

Saturn in Twelfth House

The natives with Saturn in the twelfth house like to conduct a secluded life. They are philosophically evolved and understand the higher meaning of things. They are loners, but not lonely. They tend to face troubles with people and health issues are also persistent for them. There are risks of chronic diseases and even hospitalization. There are also chances of imprisonment. They like living on their own and don’t like adhering to the norms of the society.


Saturn brings the harsh reality to the surface and one cannot ignore them. It lets the natives gain their virtues by practicing patience. Combating Saturn could be tricky and in vain. Accepting scenarios as they are is the right way to deal with them. The level of severity of problems varies from Saturn’s positioning.

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