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The Mars Planet in Vedic Astrology

The Planet Mars

Celestial Configuration of Planet Mars

The proximity of the Planets to the Sun provides them their basic nature. The planet Mars, also known as Mangal graha, is the fourth planet from the mighty Sun and is rightly represented by the color red, by virtue of the heat it omits. It is known as a red hot and fiery planet with a diameter of 6,794 kilometers. While all planets revolve around the sun, it takes 687 days for Mars to revolve around the Sun. It rotates on its Axis within a time frame of 24 hours and 37 minutes. It also moves backwards from the Earth, which is known as the retrogression period. This period lasts for about 60 to 80 days and the frequency is stated after completion of every 26 months.

Mythology behind Planet Mars

The Hindu mythology considers Mars as the child of Earth, hence he is called bhoomi-putra. According to Western Mythology, Mars is considered as the Lord of War, often symbolized through the Devil, being considered as the God of fiery energy.

The Planet Mars and Vedic Astrology

The Planet Mars bears a Masculine gender and signifies strength and power. As it is red hot in nature, it does lay a substantial tone for short temperedness. Below are some quick facts about the Planet Mars in context of Indian Vedic Astrology:

Basic Facts

Status of Mars Army Commander/ Defense Minister
Temperament Short Tempered
Ruling Element Fire
Caste Warrior (Kshatriya in Mythological context)
The House that Strengthens the Most 10th house (Tenth House)
The House that Weakens the Most 4th House (Fourth House)
Lunar Mansions that are Governed by Mars Mrigashira, Chitra and Dhanishta

Relationship Status of Planet Mars with Other Zodiacs and Planets

Ruler of Zodiac Aries and Scorpio
The Most Weak Zodiac for Mars Libra
Friendly Planets for Mars The Sun, The Moon and Jupiter
Enemy Planets for Mars Mercury
Nuetral Planets for Mars Venus and Saturn

Influence of Planet Mars on Health

Governing Body Part of Mars Chest, Bone Marrow, Blood, Bile, Digestive Fire, Intestine, Forehead, Neck, Muscular System, Vision, Nose
Health Problems Influenced by Mars Inflammations, Fractures, Rashes, Ulcers, Tumor, Cancer in muscular parts, Wounds, Accidents, Piles and Other Liver problems


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Other Major Influences of Planet Mars

Governing Day of the Week Tuesday
Governing Direction South
Governing Season Summer
Governing Metal Copper
Governing Color Blood Red
Governing Metal Red Coral (Moonga in Hindi)
Substitute Metal for Red Coral Bloodstone (Raktaratan in hindi)
Governing Shape Hourglass
Governing Numbers All numbers summing up to be ‘9’ (nine) like 9,18, 27, 36, etc.
Governing Flavor Bitter
Governing Professions Trades pertaining to police, army, firemen, security guards, weapons, ammunition, etc. Volatile, fast and active sports involving combats Repair works for machine, electronics, iron, etc. Traders of elements involving fire and heat like acids, furnaces, etc. Surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, etc.

Remedies for Planet Mars

Not everyone is blessed with the accurate and right positioning of Planet Mars in one’s horoscope. In such circumstances, the following quick remedies can help in improving the counter effects of Planet Mars in your life:

1. Recitation of Mantras of Planet Mars, namely

Om kram kreem kroum sah bhaumaya namah (Beej Mantra)

Dharanigarbha sambhutam vidyut kanti samaprabha kumaram shaktihastam cha mangalam pranam mayaham (The Mars Stotra)

Om angarakaya vidmahe sakti hastaya dhimahi tanno bhaumah prachodayat (Gayatri Mantra of Mars)

2. Philanthropic act of donation of clothes (red in color), black pepper, red lentils on Tuedays, preferably to young males.

3. Worship Lord Kartikeya and Lord Shiva, the Ruling Deities of Planet Mars

4. Regular recitation of Durga Chalisa and Hanuman Chalisa

5.Wear Rudraksh (preferably three faced)


Planets Mars can have both positive and negative influences on individuals. With reigning element of action and volatility, there is a lot of enthusiasm and confidence featured. The short temperedness and prone to injuries is a negative. If Planet Mars is placed well in one’s horoscope, it can be very advantageous. One will be driven by ambition and shall have a fearless demeanor. If not, well placed, the above remedies can be sought to lessen the negative impact.

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