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Fifth House in Vedic Astrology

5th House in Vedic Astrology


The Fifth House pertains to where you derive your pleasure. It represents the things that drive you towards happiness and your pleasure indulgences. Such indulgences mostly relate to an individual’s creative streak. Creative arts and indulgences are the ways to express oneself, something that makes one happy and indulgent. This house is reflective of the creativity one possesses. It shows what one can create-hence; it includes one’s progeny as well.

Characteristics of the Fifth House

The Fifth house establishes the connection of the native with his/her creativity. It also shows how well defined is one’s creative streak and happy place. One creates out of happiness and every human creation is reflected under this house.

The other peculiar characteristics and features of the fifth house can be stated below:

1. Ruling Sign and Ruling Planet

Leo is the Ruling sign of the Fifth House. Jupiter is the natural significator of the Fifth house.

2. Ruling Body Part

The Ruling body part(s) of the Fifth house includes stomach, upper and middle back, pancreas, and spine.

3. Governing Factors

The Fifth house reflects your interest, excellence, relationships and indulgences in arts and recreational activities. It is also associated with progeny and one’s ability and interest in creating.

4. Relationships with other planets

Fifth planet has its own set of quirks depending upon the degree of other planets and their relationship with ruling planet.

Following is the summary of what these planets reflect, when placed in the Fifth house:


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Sun in Fifth House

The natives will naturally perform well in speculative roles like stock exchange and investment. The Sun also provides a flair for arts in this house. However, this placement of Sun in the fifth house pejoratively affects the intention of children. The natives are self indulgent and want to enjoy life to the fullest, with little intention of being tied down with kids.

Moon in Fifth House

The natives are joyful and blessed with love. Their inclinations lay in material pleasures, sometimes also looking for shortcuts through speculations. They can be their best in creative arts. The love of their life also turns out to be their lucky charm.

Mars in Fifth House

Such natives are full of carnal desires and energies, often leading to illegitimate children. The natives would also have a drive for gambling and other speculations. The natives also excel in sports but their sexual energy is their prime driver.

Mercury in Fifth House

It is a positive and creative placement. They are intellectual and good in fields of education or art. The natives like sharing their knowledge and wisdom on to other people. Therefore, being a lecturer or teacher comes naturally to them.

Venus in Fifth House

The natives are extremely talented and creative. They like arts, music and theatrics. They have sexual desires and get attracted to people quite easily. They are expressive of their emotions and are outgoing. They sometimes overindulge in luxuries too much.

Saturn in Fifth House

The love life of such natives is not very fulfilling. They are inhibitive. They like getting into serious relationships but they don’t last long because of their communication gap. This position of Saturn also indicates problems with having children. Learning to express is very important for the natives.

Jupiter in Fifth House

Such natives are amicable and connect with people on accounts of similarity in philosophies of life. They get profits from speculative investments. The natives are also fond of sharing their knowledge and wisdom, especially with their kids. They derive pleasure from their family and can be good teachers.

Rahu in Fifth House

Such people like being center of attention. Resultantly, they mostly resort to careers related to stage, literature, polity and other speculative roles. The relationship of such natives is not perfect with father or children. Married life is disturbed for them, divorce and remarriages becoming more likely.


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Ketu in Fifth House

The natives are philosophical. They efficiently learn new languages and are quite spiritual. Being philosophical, they have a curious mind and like researching extensively and deriving knowledge before coming to conclusions. Troubles are expected with children.


The Fifth house is rightly known as the Putr Bhava, relating to progeny and creation. This house is all about one’s pleasure sources, expressiveness, creativity and involvement in what makes them happy. A good placement would ensure personal bliss, happiness and contentment. It would also mean a good reflection of self.

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