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Aquarius Moon Sign

Reined by the planets Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius sign is represented by the symbol of a water bearer. The sign is also said to accurately demonstrate the qualities of being the most humanitarian sign. The sign, also being featured by the element of air, emphasizes on exchange of ideas and communication.

Aquarius Moon Sign meaning

Aquarius moon sign means that the positioning of moon in an individual’s horoscope was in Aquarius at the time of the birth. If the moon had been transiting through Aquarius in your horoscope, you have an Aquarius moon sign. Though symbolized by a water bearer and having ‘aqua’ in its very nomenclature, Aquarius is necessarily the last air sign of the zodiac chart.

Likes and Dislikes of Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius moon sign likes concepts, logics, facts, independence and originality.

Aquarius moon sign dislikes lack of supportive logics, superstitions, irrational behavior and inequality.

Characteristic and Traits of Aquarius Moon Sign

As the very nature of Aquarius moon sign is concerned with air, it lays enough weightage on concepts, innovation, ideas and communication. It is also featured as a fixed sign, the bearers of Aquarius moon sign have a sense of permanence in their conduct.

While these are the basic characteristics of Aquarius moon sign, let’s understand them in a more detailed and relatable way:

Objectivity over Emotions

You objectify situations and ponder over the most apt response for any given circumstance. You get uncomfortable with display of emotions, sentiments, etc. Objectifying is your go-to way and mode of conduct. You base your decisions based on facts and not just flowing with emotions.


You like things stated as facts and concepts and find it extremely hard to relate to emotional decisions and instincts. You prefer offering logical support to people and not just being there for people emotionally. You are so fact based that you find it immensely hard in relating with people who act on their emotional impulses.


Your emotional needs are met through contributions to humanitarian and larger causes. Again, the fact that you tend to support these causes is largely based on you deriving logic out of them. Humanitarian causes have facts and logic to support their activities and hence they make sense to you. You like pouring your emotional energies into a cause or community based on facts.

Equality for All

You are an egalitarian by your very nature and believe in equal rights for all, and you always tend to find a common ground between two people.

Lack of True Intimacy

As you keep display of emotions at the very bay, you might indulge in superficial relationships lacking depth. You refrain from letting your emotions (or lack of emotions) show and hence would socialize in your own social yet private way. It will be very hard for you to gain true intimacy because of your comfort in emotionless states and people.


You are immensely comfortable being an outsider in a close-knit group or operating alone. As you withdraw very casually from emotional encounters, you are okay being an outsider too. You are okay with separating yourself from people and experiences, unconsciously believing that you are likely to be rejected, so why even try.

Very Original

Aquarius moon signs don’t just go by shibboleth facts, and they have their own unique way of drawing conclusions. You are original and not scared of taking a new outlook. You are unorthodox and flexible in your thoughts and conduct.


You value freedom in a relationship. While you offer space to your partner in a relationship, you expect the same from them. As the Aquarius moon signs are ruled by the planet Uranus, they tend to have a tinge of promiscuity in their relationships. If not so, due to the lack of emotional connect, they struggle to make their partner feel special.


You try to derive a rationale before instigating any reaction. You also try to assess the reactions of others based on your logical grounding. Not everyone bears a same thinking as you and such assessments can be often misleading.


As an Aquarius moon sign, communication, ideas and logical rationale is important for you. You might be the least emotional of all zodiacs. This is because you try to rationalize human behavior of yourself and others, which is mostly driven by emotions and feelings. You are comfortable being an outsider and do not feel the need of fitting in. You respect freedom and long for emotional detachments even in love life. By virtue of this detachment, you often fail to keep the spark in your love life alive. You are very innovative and original. You break the orthodox barriers by your own unique way of drawing reasonable conclusions. For you having a valid reason, logic and rationale behind reactions is very important. You don’t quite understand why people act on emotional impulses and you find it hard to connect with.

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