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Libra Moon Sign

Ruled by the Planet Venus, Libra is represented by the sign of a scale. The symbolization rightly represents the balance Libra moon signs try to maintain in their lives to promote harmony, balance and union in life. Much like the scale, Lunar Librans weigh things and facts before actual action. Featured by the element of air, they feel the need to communicate too often.

Libra Moon Sign meaning

Libra moon sign means that the positioning of moon in one’s horoscope was in Libra at the time of the birth of the concerned individual. Libra sign is symbolically represented by a scale, and it throws light on the balance that people with Libra moon sign try to bring about. You have a Libra moon sign, if the Moon is placed in Libra in your horoscope

Likes and Dislikes of Libra Moon Sign

As a Libra Moon Sign, you will like action, calm and balanced people and scenarios, justice and common ground.

As a Libra Moon Sign, you will have immense dislike towards lack of communication, lethargy, injustice and situations that are out of hand.

Characteristic and Traits of Libra Moon Sign

If you are born with the moon sign in Libra, the guiding force for you would be harmony, peace and love. As represented by the sign of weighing scales, Libra moon signs often study both sides in any given situation to come to a conclusion. It is an air sign and communication has great influence on how you deal with your relationships.

While we have stated the likes and dislikes of Libra Moon Sign, some major characteristics and behavioral traits that are peculiar to the Libra moon sign are as follows:


Born with a moon sign in Libra, an individual tends to be action oriented. While you weigh the pros and cons of any given situation, your action would complement your need to strike a balance. You will take the required action to restore the balance to any given situation.

Peace Maker

Retaining peace in life and the immediate environment in general, is paramount for Lunar Librans. You bear instinctively amazing diplomatic abilities and are very good with negotiations. Since you always tend to have a sense of balance in your view point, you seem to be a neutral zone that is essential for retaining peace in most situations. The neutrality also makes you a good negotiator.


As you analyze two sides of the situation and then comprehend, you turn out to be a fair person with an extremely neutral rationale to deal with situations. You are fair in your conduct and totally take a stand based on the state of facts. Thus, you are appreciated for being someone with an unbiased opinion.


Being an air sign, you are good with communication. You get along quite easily with others and are popular because of your unbiased view towards things. Your communication skills are at their best when involved in negotiating. Anything that needs a common ground, you will be helpful in attaining that. As you are unbiased and impartial, the negotiations you propose are on practically acceptable terms.


It is instinctive in you to honor your need for striking a balance. You seek a balance in both your professional and personal life and would take any required action to bring about that balance.


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Strong Sense of Justice

Libra moon signs turn out to have a strong sense of justice. You cannot see anything unfair happening to anyone without reacting to it. Should it require you to take an action, you would do that to maintain harmony and balance.

Emotional Needs

As Libra Moon Signs are governed by Planet Venus, they have a set parameter of emotional needs that they want to fulfill. They seek a partner who strikes a balance in their life and complements their personality. Being an air sign, communication is also important for you. The lack of something can have you perturbed too easily. You are at your best when your emotional needs are satisfied.

Too Much Diplomacy

Since you are diplomatic by your very nature of wanting to strike a balance based on common ground, you might come out as being too diplomatic to others.

Designing Skills

You are fairly natural with designing, which is your prime skill. Any designing that involves symmetry and proportions, you excel at it. You like fine things in life and have an aesthetic way of life.


Libra moon signs are ruled by Planet Venus. You always tend to maintain a common ground and maintain peace and harmony. Analyzing both sides of a situation is something you do best, and your sense of diplomacy makes you a great negotiator. In personal and professional fronts, your priority remains to have a perfectly balanced life- where all your personal, professional and emotional needs are met in a balanced manner. You are liked by people because you are impartial and unbiased and you help others arrive at a common ground acceptable to all. You are very creative and best at designing. Anything that involves symmetry and proportions will attract your attention. You also have a strong sense of justice, are fair and very rare. You might seem too diplomatic to others and need to trudge carefully on the balanced view road, depending upon the need of the hour.

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