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Leo Moon Sign

Ruled by the all mighty Sun, Leo is symbolized through a lion in the constellation. The symbolization rightly represents the passion and confidence of this sign. The driving force of passion is an immense interest in something, be it an individual or your work. Being a fire sign, passion is a constant element in the life of a Leo Moon sign.

Leo Moon Sign meaning

Leo moon sign means that the positioning of moon in one’s horoscope was in Leo at the time of the birth of the concerned individual. Leo sign in general represents a fiery and passionate instinct, something that blossoms when their love life blossoms. You have a Leo moon sign, if the Moon is placed in Leo in your horoscope.

Likes and Dislikes of a Leo Moon Sign

Being a Leo Moon Sign, you will like commitment, romance and public display of affection, leadership and self respect.

What you don’t like as a Leo moon sign is lack of commitment, boredom, being a follower and compromising on your dignity.

Characteristic and Traits of Leo Moon Sign

If you are born with the moon sign in Leo, being a fire sign, the guiding force for you would be passion. Also being a sign that is fixed in nature, Leo Moon sign also rightly throw light on the sense of permanence. Being governed by the Sun itself, you will bask in the glory, much like the Sun.

While we have stated the broad likes and dislikes of a leo moon sign, below are the major traits that one imbibes with a moon sign in Leo:


Born with a moon sign in Leo, an individual tends to feel royal, as it is governed by the Sun itself. This leads to certain solar quality in behavioral conduct, eg. you are warm-hearted towards certain people who tend to offer you respect, while you lash out to those who agree to disagree. Hence, you are very royal in your conduct and assume a supreme role, while you want to be treated with the expected supremacy.


You cannot compromise your dignity and self respect. You think very highly of yourself and crave for a similar treatment from others. You want respect and you can’t have it any other way. Therefore, you are at your best behavior with people who are respectful to you and look up to you.


As you are passionate and emotionally aware, self-expression comes easily to you. You have a lot of self expression that if channeled through a right creative source, can take you to places. You like to be under the spotlight and you go all out in order to be a hilarious entertainer. You like showing off your incredible dramatic and people skills. This also makes you very prone to hog the limelight from a very young age.


Leo Moon signs are effortlessly romantic. You will figure out ways in making your loved one feel more loved and appreciated. You crave for security in relationship and like to be reassured every once in a while about the affection in relationships. You will always keep the spark in your relationship alive, in innovative ways. Hence, your love life will be very happy as you will leave no stone unturned in making your loved one feel further loved. Passion drives you and you are passionate lover.


People with Leo moon sign are also immensely funny, and sometimes even juvenile. You are driven by passion and love thrill. Be it playing around, making impromptu plans or getting along with children, you are a fun person to be with. You will have a flare for spontaneity and go by the adrenalin rush.


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Leo moon signs turn out to be great leaders. You will work your very best when you are in a position to lead and guide others. That is something inherent in you, as you are anyways guided by the Royal Sun. Being fun an instinctive part of your character, your followers will feel happy and content with your leadership.

Self Driven

While most people seek outside motivation that tends to move them, Leo Moon signs are fully secure about their abilities and have full faith in their potential. You take pride in yourself and that tends to make you a self assured and confident individual.


Yours is an impressionable sign. Meaning, you are very good at representing your emotions and passions. Your creative streak makes it further easier for you.

Seeks Recognition

You seek recognition for your efforts and also because you like being in the limelight. Nothing lightens you up like people saying nice things about you.


Leo moon sign is reined by the Sun and has all the charisma and aura. You will be in possession of certain rare flares like seamless leadership. You like being in a position of power and you also ace authoritatively. You are self driven by virtue of having full faith in your potential and rare virtues. You like being treated with respect. The romantic in you always looks for innovative ways of keeping the spark in your relationship alive. You have an expensive taste by virtue of the solar royalty that you have inherited from the Sun. You would like expensive things and have a flare for the rare. Being a Leo Moon sign, you are entrusted with some super special virtues. While being aware of one’s potential is a good thing, you might even be perceived as a snob in certain cases. You will get the recognition you seek if you control your temper and keep the fun in your life alive. You have a strong personality and rare combination of beautiful traits.

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