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Pisces Moon Sign

Being the very last sign in the zodiac chart, Pisces is governed by Planet Neptune and represented by two fishes that swim in opposite directions. Rightly so, the feelings and emotions experienced by Pisces moon signs are extremely in-depth and deep. Being a water sign, if your moon sign is Pisces, you tend to be an effortless romantic and compassionate.

Pisces Moon Sign meaning

Pisces moon sign means that the positioning of moon in an individual’s horoscope was in Pisces at the time of their birth. If the moon had been transiting through the Pisces sign in your horoscope, you have a Pisces moon sign. Reined by the Planet Neptune, they are highly emotionally vulnerable, and they are open about their feelings as well.

Likes and Dislikes of Pisces Moon Sign

As a Pisces moon sign, you like mysteries, romance, spirituality and getaways.

As a Pisces moon sign, you dislike non-imagination and being stuck in the rut for very long.

Characteristic and Traits of Pisces Moon Sign

Being a water sign, people with Pisces moon sign are highly sensitive and emotionally available for themselves and other people. While these are the basic characteristics of Pisces moon sign, let’s understand their nature and behavior in a more elaborate manner:


You are likely to be easily influenced, especially in matters and ideas concerning romance, imagination and other such dimensions of life.


Your intuitive powers are very strong and you are easily able to unearth even deep hidden secrets. You have an extreme sixth sense that helps you see the unseen and feel the unfelt. You can judge people more accurate and appropriately than others and your intuition about them is most likely correct.

Strong Imagination

Being blessed with strong senses of visual and emotional fortes, your imagination skills are very strong, even vivid. Be it day dreaming or engaging in creative arts, when you activate your imaginative powers, it somehow has a cathartic influence on you. You will feel at ease when you put your creative mind at work.

Channelizing the Creativity

Being blessed with extreme energy levels and high ounces of creativity, should you find a creative medium for channelizing your latent imagination, you will excel at those fields. Such creative outlets could be abstract art, music, dance, photography, etc.

Innate Physic Abilities

As a Pisces moon sign, you are blessed with psychic abilities. You have a strong sixth sense and power to see things as they are despite a masquerade. This makes you a rare blend of physic gifts.

Mystery Lover

Mystery and mysterious things would attract you and have your immediate attention. Having intuitive powers anyways makes you privy to the unknown and lets you see things in a clear way. You accept things floating around in the Universe and are in more of acceptance of theories that have not been accepted yet. You are a believer and mystery lover by default.


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A person with innate intuitive gifts and tendencies of believing the unknown is likely to be spiritual. You may or may not be religious, but you will be a believer in spirituality and existence of a higher power.


You love and value romance and the art of loving. You also are in acceptance of facts and behaviors of your partner. You let people be and love them unconditionally nonetheless. You are sensitive in relationships. You also tend to see people for who they really are and accept them regardless of their imperfections.

Want to be Whisked

Being imaginative and creative, you feel the insatiable urge to be whisked to somewhere exotic and mostly away from the mundane daily life and endless chores. As you are too sensitive in your very nature, you would sometimes feel exhausted because of the maelstrom of conflicting emotions and would want a sweet escape to rejuvenate yourself.


Pisces moon sign are ruled by the Neptune and are a water sign. You feel the need to connect with people and develop an emotional bond of great depths. You are born with rare gifts of abilities and sixth sense. You are believer in the higher power and lead you on the path of spirituality (not necessarily religious). You are very romantic and like to let people be the way they are. Your love is unconditional and rare. You have a knack for mystery and like to believe in things there is no explanation for. You see things and people as they are and are so intuitive, it’s like you possess a super power. Matters of romance, imagination and mystery have a lot of impression on you and can mislead you. You are brilliant at creativity and a creative outlet can really help you garner the success you deserve. As a Pisces moon sign, you are very sensitive and might find all these emotions very exhausting sometimes. Every now and then you wish to escape to somewhere nice and be rejuvenated.

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