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Fourth House in Vedic Astrology

4th House in Vedic Astrology


The Fourth House is related to roots, background and heritage. This can include the background of an individual concerning property, possessions, mother and maternal issues, values. Anything that links or has a connection with one’s root can be concerned to be a deriving factor for this house. It is a house focused on domestic bliss.

Characteristics of the Fourth House

The Fourth house establishes the ground of the connection one sets to establish with his/her roots or ‘where you come from’. Therefore, being an originator, mother and relationship with mother is also reflected in this house.

These characteristics features can be stated below:

1. Ruling Sign and Ruling Planet

Cancer is the Ruling sign of the Fourth House. Moon is the natural significator of the Fourth house.

2. Ruling Body Part

The Ruling body part(s) of the Fourth house includes stomach, breasts and digestive organs.

3. Governing Factors

The Fourth house reflects the roots, origination, basic ground that created an individual. It has close ties with family, heritage and imparted values of an individual.

4. Relationships with other planets

Every planet brings about an impact when placed in the Fourth house, depending upon their ruling planet and degree of impact. Following is the summary of what these planets reflect, when placed in the Fourth house:


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Sun in Fourth House

Such natives are very domesticated. Every decision they take is based with consideration of their family and material possessions. Such natives are efficient with planning their domestic security and social standing. They are revitalized and energetic in the second half of their life.

Moon in Fourth House

The natives with Moon in fourth house are influenced by their parents and are very respectful of them. They generally maintain a pleasant demeanor and are pleasant to be in company of. Their carnal desires are influenced by the Moon.

Living in the paternal home and maintaining it could help such natives earn the desired rewards.

Mars in Fourth House

This house is not the most favorable position for Mars house, being the home house. The natives are featured with extreme aggression and that create problems in their domestic life. Despite the constant ego and aggression, there is a strong sense of having a home in such natives. Compromising is not the best virtue with these people.

Mercury in Fourth House

The general ambiance persisting at home creates an impact in the lives of the natives with Mercury in fourth house. They enjoy family time and it rejuvenates them intellectually. They are mostly stuck in a rut for reasons of education or profession. They need to lay easy a little bit.

Venus in Fourth House

The natives with Venus in the fourth house enjoy a harmonious family life. There is a lot of compassion in the family and peace sustains. They like beautifying their homes with luxurious products and art pieces. They have an aesthetic sense of interior and they apply it to their homes. They also are people’s person and like having guests over and have a look at their rich lifestyle. Monetary benefits are expected from family.

Saturn in Fourth House

Saturn in the fourth house makes the natives conservative and orthodox. They like traditions and follow them. They are also proud of their heritage and customs and like being attached to them as long as they can. They like permanence. In family life, they assume a lot of responsibilities. For such natives, parental loss occurs quite early in life.


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Jupiter in Fourth House

Jupiter further enhances this streak of permanence in the native place. They will be successful in their endeavors and ventures in the native place or birth place. Accumulation of wealth by mode of inheritance is also highly likely. The natives are close to the parents and share a strong bond. Wherever they are, the natives prefer big homes and luxuries.

Rahu in Fourth House

Natives are ambitious towards their home and often allow foreign elements to their native land. While they respect their values and seek its preservation, the intention is mostly for attaining a social privilege out of it. They can also go all out for their desire and use illicit methods of inhabiting someone else’s property.

Ketu in Fourth House

The natives tend to move distant from their place of birth. The travels are expected to far off and foreign places. The movement also causes problems in paternal possessions and properties, something that this house stands for. The natives are features with aggression and don’t have the best relationship with their mother.


The Fourth house is rightly known as the Bandhu Bhava. It is a house that states the relationship with one’s core roots. The house also relates to and signifies ground activities like extraction, agriculture, oil, mining, indulging and excavation of natural resources and people with favorable fourth house attain success in and around their homeland or family ties.

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