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Sun House in Vedic Astrology


Sun is the core source of enlightenment in the world, and even in your horoscope. It rightly stands for the ‘I’. Amidst the twelve houses that comprise the structure of one’s horoscope, the Sun is paramount with respect to giving your life a direction. The Sun house is an apt representation of the fields and areas you would be inclined to.

Sun in the Houses

There are a total of 12 houses in one’s horoscope. The Sun has a different impact with its presence in all of them. Sun’s influence varies, based on the ruling planet of the said house. So, it does become important to analyze the positioning of Sun on various houses:

Sun in First House

If a horoscope has sun in the first house, the native is full of positivity and effervescence. The cheerfulness and joyous behavior makes the native a very charismatic persona. With a joyful temperament, the childhood is fun and trouble free. As for the peculiar physical appearances, such people often have thin hair. By virtue of their fun loving demeanor, they enjoy a good social image and social positioning.

The natives would like challenges and have high degrees of narcissism. They enjoy being the focal point of everyone’s attention. They are efficient leaders, with often inclinations towards dictatorship. There is a thin between pride and ego, and the natives must focus on not crossing it.

Sun in Second House

Features with generosity and compassion, the natives with Sun in the second house of horoscope get much deserved respect and recognition. They usually outperform in money related matters. They enjoy a good social positing and respect from people in general. The natives have extreme demand for self respect and a position of power to cater to their ego. With great income, comes great purchasing power and they like to spend.

The natives tend to be a little curt and outspoken. Speech disorder is also very likely with people having Sun in the second house.

Sun in Third House

The natives with Sun in the third house are extreme loquacious. They like travel in order to communicate more and make new contacts. Their inclinations lay mostly towards theatrics and drama. They are hungry for success and have high ambitions. They gain a lot of wisdom with travelling and socialization. They like to have corroborative proof of outcomes when it comes to banking upon new ideas. 

Despite their need of communication, the natives are mostly self dependent. They are proud of their wisdom and are slightly impatient. The good thing about such natives is that, they believe in sharing their intellectual wisdom.


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Sun in Fourth House

The natives with Sun in fourth house are extremely domesticated. Every decision they take is based with consideration of their family and material possessions. Such natives are efficient with planning their domestic security and social standing. They are revitalized and energetic in the second half of their life.

Such natives are highly influenced by their parents and the influence can go both ways. They are best with familiar places and efficient at home. They prefer to be the best in their homeland.

Sun in Fifth House

People with Sun placed in the fifth house of their horoscope are a little overbearing. They will naturally perform well in speculative roles like stock exchange and investment. The Sun also provides a flair for arts in this house.

Fifth house represents children and the desire to have progeny very early in one’s life. This placement of Sun in the fifth house pejoratively affects the intention of children. The natives are self indulgent and want to enjoy life to the fullest.

Sun in Sixth House

You are an illness combater and resilient to diseases with Sun placed in the sixth house. The stamina of such natives is envious. They continue to be conscious about their health and take best care of themselves by building stamina. They continue to do efforts towards a position of responsibility. They like discipline and that’s why establishing immunity comes easily to them.

Discipline is engraved in their general sense of carrying themselves. They are dedicated towards their work with equivalent enthusiasm. They like being recognized for their work and sometimes expect the same quality from people working for them.

Sun in Seventh House

When the Sun is placed in the seventh house of one’s horoscope, such natives derive benefit out of associations and partnerships. Such associations can be both personal (marriage) and professional (business). There is an extreme possibility of such natives to rise much higher in life. They can achieve much more than what they were born with.

They let their partner play even the prominent role if required, as long as it benefits them. They like to indulge in associations with people with more social standing than them as they feel protected and confident with such people.

Sun in Eighth House

People with Sun in the eighth house usually need to be very cautionary about their well being. They are sadly blessed with a short span of life. So, exercising cautionary measures is required. They need to be extremely conscious of their heart and eye sight(right).

Such natives are also very likely to benefit from inheritance. They also have extreme inclinations towards psychic fields. They never let their emotions show publicly.

Sun in Ninth House

Sun in the ninth house reflects extreme possibilities of long distance travels. Not only do such natives travel to foreign places, they also receive recognition there. They are very inclined towards learning new languages and are very spiritual. They are adopter of philosophies that they imbibe after much research. Once adopted, they stick to the philosophy.

They share a very cordial relationship with parents and relatives. They even have strong bonds with the relatives of their life partner or business partner. They respect religions and are believer of faith.


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Sun in Tenth House

Such natives have potential of being an entrepreneur. They can spearhead new ventures and give strong foundations. Being a good entrepreneur also makes them virtuous of leadership skills. Their positivity helps them look into the bright side and they know how to extract the best out of an opportunity.

They like to master an art and have an extreme urge of being recognized for their efforts. They know of their virtues and appreciate that in themselves.

Sun in Eleventh House

This placement of Sun is featured with establishing connections with people at power. The associations are realizable and render them necessary support. With Sun in the Eleventh house, the natives also have a soft heart and are driven towards  cause.

Such natives enjoy popularity, and value it more than power. Having a humanitarian inclination, they are extremely friendly and exceptionally good in their social circle.

Sun in Twelfth House

With the Sun placed in the twelfth house of the horoscope, the natives are likely to face some dark glitches in their life, but they pass too. They develop a good sense of resilience and challenge combating abilities that helps them deal with issues. They have inclinations towards psychic readings and are driven towards intuitions. 

The natives also have a very soft heart for people with mental disabilities. They might face hurdles with having children, and would also not be at their best in handling finance.


The Sun’s impact on each house is different from the other. It is influenced by the ruling planet, the moon sign and other affecting factors. While the Sun provides the guiding light, knowing the status of Sun in your horoscope would give you more clarity on your life.

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