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Second House in Vedic Astrology

2nd House in Vedic Astrology


The Second House is related to and reflective of growing up of an individual. It also pertains to an individual's immediate family. Whatever possessions- material, wealth, relations, etc. one tends to garner in one's life, is reflected in this house. That is why this house is also referred to as the house of possessions. Hence, it depicts the bond with one's immediate family and also the possessions one manages to attain.

Characteristics of the Second House

By virtue of being the House of Possessions or House of Money, the Second house rightly reflects the emotional bonds with immediate family, the wealth, material and monetary possessions that an individual acquires. Not just acquisition of money, but the soundness in matters of finance is also reflected in this house. There are prime characteristics of this house that define its very nature. These characteristics features can be stated below:

1. Ruling Sign and Ruling Planet

Taurus is the Ruling sign of the Second House. Venus and Jupiter are the natural significators of the second house.

2. Ruling Body Part

The Ruling body part(s) of the Second house are the eyes and the lower part of the face. Such parts comprise of face, neck, throat, cheeks, mouth, nose, teeth, tongue, etc. Basically, all senses that help in indulging in material pleasures.

3. Governing Factors

The Second house reflects the wealth of an individual. It is reflective of one's financial soundness and capability of wealth generation. The bonds one can establish overtime with one's immediate family is also reflected through this house.

It also establishes one's ability to cherish and relish the material possessions accumulated overtime. It does not pertain to one's career or profession, but solely of possessions and financial soundness.


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4. Relationships with other planets

Every planet brings about an impact when placed in the second house, depending upon their ruling planet and degree of impact. Following is the summary of what these planets reflect, when placed in the Second house:

Sun in Second House

Such natives are featured with generosity and compassion, and attain respect and recognition. They are sound in money related matters and enjoy respect and good social positing. The natives are egoistical and spend a lot with their purchasing power.

Moon in Second House

Natives are family oriented and enjoy a good financial position. Natives will have cash saving and good income. They are likely to engage in good higher education and have a positive temperament.

Mars in Second House

The natives with Mars in their second house tend to be very hard working to attain desired wealth. They would be inclined towards risk bearing through gambling and other speculations. They like accumulating wealth and want to be financially stable.

Mercury in Second House

The natives have a sharp wit and attain a lot of knowledge and wisdom in their lives. They manage their money well and are effortlessly efficient with management of finances. Such natives will possess high values.

Venus in Second House

Wealth and riches come easy to such natives. They also spend very recklessly. They like spending on materialistic possessions pertaining to music, lifestyle and even beauty. There can also be a monetary gain in their life through a partner.

Saturn in Second House

Such natives are good in managing money. They like saving and implying investment strategies. They take pride in their heritage and work hard towards maintaining it. They sometimes get too engrossed in wealth generation. The positioning of Saturn, when malefic, can also cause poverty for the natives sometimes.


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Jupiter in Second House

The natives with Jupiter in their second house are blessed with extreme finances. They are favored by luck. They also live a lavish life with their money management skills. They usually have a sweet tooth and also have great value for material possessions in life.

Rahu in Second House

The natives with Rahu in their second house are always looking for a treasure chest in all areas of life. They like wealth, prized and antique possessions or even knowledge and wisdom. They cleverly use their history to benefit from it and then part themselves away from it. They are proud of their lineage and like to show off more than what they have.

Ketu in Second House

Ketu imbibes knowledge in its natives. They are also very expressive and quick with learning new languages. They have deep indulgences. However, the natives are separated from the family and likely to face some financial loss.


The Second house is also referred to as Dhana Bhava in Vedic Astrology because it represents the material possessions and financial soundness of an individual. Planets located in the house or transcending through the house bring about an impact in one's ability to cherish the valuable possessions and bonds created with one's family.

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