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Mars House in Vedic Astrology


The direction of your energies is highly influenced by Planet Mars and its positioning. This also involves arenas of your life wherein your actions and reactions are actively focused. Mars as a planet is action driven and a source of one’s enthusiasm and drive towards getting things done.

Mars in the Houses

The influence of Mars varies in houses, as it further associates with the relationship of Mars with the ruling planets. The results become varied; hence it is important to analyze the positioning of Mars on various houses:

Mars in First House

If a horoscope has Mars in the first house, the native is imbibed with valor, courage and great ounces of physical strength. The downside is the hot headedness. When such hot headedness is complemented by physical strength, the result could be aggressive. However, in tensed circumstances, such natives are naturally positive.

The native mostly indulge in physical activities like sports. The aggression when channelized out through physical activity brings out a balance in the native. They are not the best followers but tend to be good leaders.

Mars in Second House

As the second house is a very domesticated and grounded house, the natives with Mars in their second house tend to be very hard working to attain desired wealth. Mars instigates the speculative streak in its natives, so there could be inclination towards risk bearing through gambling and other speculations.

The natives are very focused on wealth accumulation and want to reach a place of stability in their finances. Sometimes, they are carried away too much by it.

Mars in Third House

When Mars is in the third house of one’s horoscope, it is featured with intellectuality, loquacity and creative streaks towards writing. The urge for communication acts as a catalyst for the urge of travelling. However, this also takes a toll on your well being sometimes. They are above average in the courage department and must exercise caution when engaging in extremely dangerous adventure sports.

They can be good examples and even inspiration for people. The influence over the family is strong and can even be perceived as dominating in nature. They might not have their best relationship with their siblings.


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Mars in Fourth House

This house is not the most favorable position for Mars house, being the home house. The natives are featured with extreme aggression and that creates problem in their domestic life. Despite the constant ego and aggression, there is a strong sense of having a home in such natives. Compromising is not the best virtue with these people.

The parents can be dominating for such natives and can lead to a destructive relationship. The natives need to mend their ways and subdue their constant urges to quarrel and fight.

Mars in Fifth House

People with Mars placed in the fifth house of their horoscope have a lot of carnal desires and energies, often leading to illegitimate progeny. The natives would also have a drive to engage in speculative business and behavior leading to indulging in gambling, etc.

The natives also excel in sports and merriment. Love, relationships and carnal desires are prominent virtues of their lives.

Mars in Sixth House

When Mars is in the sixth house, the natives are vulnerability towards fire and the losses caused by it- be it physical or material. They are prone to accidents and mishappenings and must always have their guard on.

The natives are hard working but indulge in arguments and quarrels. They must learn to be polite.

Mars in Seventh House

When the Mars is placed in the seventh house of one’s horoscope, the natives function better with a reliable partner. They bank on cooperation and emotional support. They bear the rare virtues of valor and optimism.

Such natives invest a lot of energy in their relationship with their partner. If they do have a supportive partner, they can work really well in life.

Mars in Eighth House

This house is really a transformational one in Context of Mars. Transformations arising out of unplanned losses, unplanned gains, illness, experiences, etc. can have a more deep embedded impact on people. However, natives must be cautious about their health and well being.

The natives are very likely to face issues with management of their wealth and relationships. Problems are anticipated with partner in business or life.

Mars in Ninth House

With Mars in the ninth house, the natives are profound adventure travel lovers. They have parameters of adventures and like to stick to them. This positioning also brings forward exercise of caution, especially when concerning legal matters. The natives must opt for a rational way of coming to decisions.

There is a lot of travelling involved, especially to foreign lands. One longs for independence and are very intellectual in terms of spirituality. They are stubborn with their thoughts, understanding and faith.


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Mars in Tenth House

With Mars in tenth house, the natives are featured with ambition and determination. The leadership qualities are in abundance and that keeps them in limelight. They invigorate their workplace with ideas and suggestions that are creative in nature.

They are logic driven and bankable. However, they tend to get argumentative with their employer.

Mars in Eleventh House

Establishing contacts and connections comes easily for people who have Mars in eleventh house. They are borderline gullible and often taken for a ride. They need to have a control on their impulsive and reckless behavior as that can harm them in multiple aspects.

They have a desire to lead and the capability of being a good leader as well. They like group activities and perform better in them.

Mars in Twelfth House

The twelfth house is also not the most favorable house for Mars to be in. A lot of unfortunate things can happen. The natives invite enemies who try to harm them in secret ways. They also have an emotional baggage full of repentance and apprehension.

The natives need to take control of their impulses and temperament. They need to channelize their energy to arrive at positive outcomes.


While Mars leads people to take action, the action is not always positive. The hot headedness that Mars tends to bring to the Natives often leads to unfavorable situations. While the drive can be positive and negative based on the very prominent nature of the house, Mars can let you do things and drive you to work.

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