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Taurus Moon Sign

Taurus is the second sign on the zodiac chart. It bears the sign of bull with horns in the constellation. The bull with horns represents hard work, persistence and perseverance. It rightly symbolizes security with a slow paced perseverance. Let us know comprehensive details of all aspects of Taurus moon sign:

  • Taurus moon sign meaning
  • Characteristics and traits of Taurus Moon Sign
  • Conclusion

To develop a comprehensive understanding of Taurus moon sign, let,s study the below aspects in an elaborate way:

Taurus Moon Sign meaning

Taurus moon sign means that the positioning of moon in one,s horoscope was in Taurus at the time of the birth of the concerned individual. Taurus represents physical plane and is known for being an earthy sign. You have a Taurus moon sign, if the Moon is placed in Taurus in your horoscope. This can be ascertained through your natal chart. It is said that the moon gets exalted at Taurus.

Characteristic and Traits of Taurus Moon Sign

If you are born with the moon sign in Taurus, being governed by the Planet Venus, the guiding forces of attraction for you will bottle down to the prime senses of seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting. These senses become your prime sources of judgments. As you are earthy, you will have a strong sense of permanence and belongingness.

Being an earthy sign, Taurus is driven by the very need of being in a familiar surrounding. Below are the major traits that one imbibes with a moon sign in Taurus:


Born with a moon sign in Taurus, an individual tends to bear characteristics of being earthy and deep rooted. You will find comfort in customs and traditions and would stick to your cultural roots.


An individual bearing moon sign in Taurus finds it very hard to change with changing times. The deep rootedness guides you through life and you will go by the customs and traditions that you have been made privy to, all your life.

Commitment Driven

Unlike the fast paced Moon in Aries, Moon sign in Taurus makes one driven to commitment. You do not tend to engage in new tasks unless the tasks undertaken have been successfully accomplished. You take your own sweet time in doing things and do not like jumping into a new task while there is already one under progress.

Resistance to change

When you're an earthy and deep-rooted person to your old age customs and traditions, it leaves little or no scope for willingness to change yourself. Your ideologies and a stern routine is what you feel most comfortable with. You despise change of place, ideologies, routine and people. Therefore, Taurus people are rarely seen breaking up for they attain a sense of complacency with their partner.

Repetition and Familiarity

What matters to you the most is repetition and familiarity of people and places. As already stated, Moon sign in Taurus makes one more earthy and deeply connected and associated with people and places you feel comfortable with. Don't be shocked if Taurus Moon Signs would always go to the very same place for vacations and are not keen on trying new places, cuisines, etc.

Comfort in Material Things

For people bearing Taurus Moon Sign, your sense of comfort is paramount to you. For you, material things and prized possessions are your sources of belongingness. They will make you feel at ease and secured.


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Enjoyment in Pleasures of Life

Having Moon Sign in Taurus makes you enjoy the little pleasures in life and have sense of gratitude and belongingness for what you have attained overtime. While people go for fancy vacations on exotic locations and are keen on trying out new luxuries, having a Taurus Moon sign would make you more complacent and happy at your place.

Emotional Security

Being ruled by Planet Venus, your emotional security is somehow established by your material possessions or the lack of them. While you are not greedy or possessive, you want to attain the basic level of comfort to be at ease.

Awareness of your senses

Having rooted connections to physical planes, you will be fully using the senses of smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing. You truly enjoy even a good bowl of rice with these senses.


You like familiar faces and places. You derive a sense of comfort in familiarity and only in extreme circumstances do you long for a change.


Being born with a physical plane and an earthly attraction, your complacence might be envious to many. While people do not derive that level of satisfaction on most luxurious of vacations, you will derive that level of happiness in your home. Taurus Moon sign use their five senses as optimally as possible and have a sense of their being, gratitude for their possessions and value and utilize their assets to their best. One must learn how to live life king size, in your very own living room from a Taurus moon sign. Your security is your strength and you seek that in material possessions as well as your relationships. You take pride in your culture, history and background and are not keen on changing with the constantly moving times. You take your time with things that are important to you. We all use our senses subconsciously, but Taurus moon signs use them to the fullest and derive utmost benefit out of them.

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