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Sagittarius Moon Sign

Governed by the Planet Jupiter, Sagittarius sign is represented symbolically through an Archer. It rightly resonates the core emotions of the Sagittarius moon sign based on their need for adventure seeking and worldliness nature. Further, as a fire sign, they seek modes of outburst of their passion.

Sagittarius Moon Sign meaning

Sagittarius moon sign means that the positioning of moon in one’s horoscope was in Sagittarius at the time of the birth of the concerned individual. Sagittarius represents the need for adventure and exploration. You have a Sagittarius moon sign, if the Moon is placed in Sagittarius in your horoscope.

Likes and Dislikes of a Sagittarius Moon Sign

As a Sagittarius moon sign, you would like travelling, independence, reading, philosophy and openness.

As a Sagittarius moon sign, you would dislike confinement, boredom, and narrow mindedness.

Characteristic and Traits of Sagittarius Moon Sign

Being a fire sign, the moon sign in Sagittarius have an immense drive towards exploration, travel and unravelling the many mysteries existing in the world. It is also a mutable sign, meaning change drives you as well. Hence, Sagittarius moon signs passionately seek creative outlets for change passionately and often seen seeking freedom.

While we have stated the likes and dislikes of a Sagittarius moon sign, the other major characteristic traits in moon sign in Sagittarius can be broadly stated below:


You like travel and exploration to quench your insatiable drive for change. Associating with foreign cultures and work, you will see that even excessive travelling doesn’t tire you, but rejuvenates you further. When back from a vacation, you will already be planning your very next travel.


You can’t be in a confined space for too long. You enjoy freedom and roaming around. Collecting memorabilia from your travels and revisiting them helps you garner that sense of freedom and getting around. You like to move constantly and don’t like confining routine very much. You enjoy being free- both physically and mentally.


If you can’t go around physically, you like to do so by reading and learning. Sagittarius is symbolic of a sign chasing wisdom and knowledge. Reading about new things and discovering new facts gives you a sense of change and freedom to wander into new culture and knowledge. Not just academia but also recreational learning would always hold your attention. So you do not limit your learnings, but are always open to new facts and ideas.

Freedom Giver

You not only seek freedom for yourself, but also have the ability to provide others, specially your loved ones, with that sort of liberation. You tell others about your wisdom, but you let them figure out by themselves what is best for them and where their real interests are.


Sometimes you get so consumed in your subject and the knowledge you tend to impart, that you in turn try to influence the views of others. You also take your experience with things for granted and assume the same applicability for everyone else. While you are relatively unbiased, you sometimes get overwhelmed and carried away to impart your knowledge and experience on others.


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As a Sagittarius moon sign, you see the positive in people and events. You are an optimistic individual and would look at the brighter side. For you, the final objective has more value than individual processes. Hence, you want the bigger picture to be correct and would not micro manage all intricate procedures in progress.

Love for Challenge

As Sagittarius Moon Signs, you are passionate towards getting challenges and meeting them. While you enjoy challenges, winning the conquests drives you. You are passionately driven towards testing your limits. You are also immensely adventurous and like the adrenalin rush that adventures provide you with.


You have a philosophical disposition and have a Pandora box of wisdom you have acquired through travel and reading. As your thoughts are filled with optimism and knowledge, your philosophical thoughts will be well received.

Truth and Wisdom Seekers

What matters to you is meeting of minds. You seek truth and wisdom from an individual, culture no bar. Hence, you would get into cross cultural relationships too if you attain that level of emotional and sentimental coherence with that person, from whichever part of the world.

Hate Narrow-Mindedness

As you are dynamic, open minded and free in your thought, you despise people who are reluctant to change their thinking. Nothing gets you angrier than evident narrow mindedness and rustic thinking. You like people who are open to receiving your wisdom.


Sagittarius moon signs are ruled by Planet Jupiter and are philosophical in nature. Being a fire sign, passion, wisdom and knowledge are your driving force. You like change, physically and mentally. Exploration of new places and cultures gets you going. Alternatively, if you can’t physically travel, your mind leaps through centuries and cultures. You are a learned being and are interested through anything new. You like freedom of thought, and also provide the same to your loved ones. You are immensely optimistic and help people see the bright side in events and circumstances. While you like independence, you might get a little overbearing in the wake of imparting your knowledge on others. You seek truth and wisdom over other material virtues and for you, meeting of minds is more important. You despise nothing more than rigidity in thoughts of people and sometimes like imparting your gained wisdom on others. You have an adventurous streak and you seek truth and wisdom in people. You are optimistic and help people see the sunny side.

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