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Virgo Moon Sign

Being ruled by the Planet Mercury, Virgo is symbolized through a woman in the constellation. Such symbolization rightly represents need for organization in life and the support system that women tend to be. Further as an earthly sign, people bearing Virgo moon sign have a very simple nature but like there’s much more to women than acing at organizational skills and being full fledged support systems in themselves, there’s much more to Virgo moon sign than what meets the eye.

Virgo Moon Sign meaning

Virgo moon sign means that the positioning of moon in one’s horoscope was in Virgo at the time of the birth of the concerned individual. Virgo sign in general represents the likes of a woman, i.e their impeccability with organizational skills, pure heart and critical view point. You have a Virgo moon sign, if the Moon is placed in Virgo in your horoscope.

Likes and Dislikes of a Virgo Moon Sign

Being a Virgo moon sign, you would like providing services, helping others, complaining, a routine to follow, fitness and cleanliness.

As a Virgo Moon sign, you would dislike impurity and untidiness, two-faced people, lack of routine and mismanagement.

Characteristic and Traits of Virgo Moon Sign

If you are born with the moon sign in Virgo, being an earthy sign, the guiding force for you would be service, receiving and giving services, to your self and those around you respectively. Being governed by the Planet Mercury, you are immensely humble and content without craving recognition for the services you render.

While we have stated the likes and dislikes of the Virgo Moon Sign, below are the major characteristics and behavioral traits that one imbibes with a moon sign in Virgo:


Born with a moon sign in Virgo, an individual tends to feel the need to be in a routine. You love organization in daily life and getting into a routine helps you with that. You plan your schedule and routine and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you tick off the stated tasks in the list.


For you, physical and mental purity is of immense importance. You want to function and be in unadulterated environment. On a level of materiality and general environment, you like cleanliness and organization. On an immaterial and emotional level, you like purity of heart in people.


You can identify untidy and impure things with more precision than others. This might make you seem more precious and fragile, but you in particular can identify impurities more often than visible to the naked eye. Thus, you are a critic through and through, and you don’t ask for it, you just see it and are uncomfortable with it. Hence, you point out things more often than others and that can be a little annoying.

Eye for Details

Virgo Moon signs have an effortless eye for details and can even view intricate details with absolute ease. You can make sense out of even the most complicated things. So, you will always see a Virgo moon sign having fun untangling the tangled earphones of other people (as theirs would never be tangled).

Fret A Lot

By virtue of their ability of over analyzing and over thinking, Virgo moon signs are often seeing fretting too much over everything. They have an uncontrollable urge to over think and that sometimes leads to worrying way more than required. They get lost in the spiral of thoughts and a chain of thoughts that comes to no end.


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Wellness and Health

Virgo moon signs turn out to take great interest in matters concerning wellness and health. Anything associated with health benefits and wellness in general would have you engrossed. You have keen interest in your well being and that will automatically lead to you living a healthy life. So, you are in general a person with keen interest in good food habits, healthy dietary regimes and exercises. The best part is, you don’t even need a New Year resolution for that.


eing a Virgo Moon sign makes you plan your work. As you like things in a structured manner and crave for better organization, you are innately driven towards planning your work. You plan and schedule your work with absolute brilliance.


Virgo moon signs are blessed with humility. You are humble about their virtues. You might be providing the best of services, be in the most enviable shape of body, would be the best in creativity, but you still keep it humble and real. You are adored because of this grounded nature and turn out to be an inspiration.

Neat and Tidy

People who bear Virgo moon sign like to function in a clean environment. They like serene surroundings and have a knack for clean and tidy. They function their best in a clean and tidy ambiance. They can’t stand clutter, in people and in their home.


Virgo moon signs are ruled by Planet Mercury. The sign resembles the art of giving and service providing. You like things neat and proper. You are an inherently good planner and organizer. You can un-jumble even the most complicated things in life. You like being in a routine because it lets you be organized. You are a perfectionist and like things in a planned, perfect and neat manner. You have great analytical skills and it is easy for you to derive conclusions even out of most complicated events and facts. Your inclination towards health, wellness and healing makes you a fit and healthy person. All these virtues and you would still be the most humble person. Humility is your top most quality that makes you more approachable and inspiring. You like purity, in and around you.

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