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The Venus Planet in Vedic Astrology

The Planet Venus

Celestial Configuration of Planet Venus

The planet Venus, also known as Shukra graha, is the second farthest planet from the mighty Sun. While all planets revolve around the sun, it takes 225 days for Venus to revolve around the Sun. It rotates on its Axis within a time frame of 243 days. It also moves backwards from the Earth, which is known as the retrogression period. This period lasts for about 40 to 43 days and the frequency is stated after completion of every 19 months.

Mythology behind Planet Venus

The Hindu mythology considers Venus as the son of Rishi Bhrigu. Legend says that Shukra (Venus) was solely considered to covey the knowledge of Mrita Sanjivani (the knowledge that brings back the dead) by Lord Shiva.

According to Western Mythology, Venus is known as Lucifer.

The Planet Venus and Vedic Astrology

The Planet Venus is considered as the Lord of Demons and can bring back the dead to life. Below are some quick facts about the Planet Venus in context of Indian Vedic Astrology:

Basic Facts

Status of Venus

Minister or Royal Consultant


Accommodating and Resilient

Ruling Element




The House that Provides most Directional Strength

4th House (Fourth House)

The House that Weakens most Directional Weakness

10th House (Tenth House)

Lunar Mansions that are Governed by Venus

Bharani Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

Relationship Status of Planet Venus with Other Zodiacs and Planets

Ruler of Zodiac

Taurus and Libra

The Most Weak Zodiac for Venus


Friendly Planets for Venus

Saturn and Mercury

Enemy Planets for Venus

The Sun and the Moon

Neutral Planets for Venus

Jupiter and Mars

Influence of Planet Venus on Health

Governing Body Part of Venus

Private organs, Desperation and Desire, Reproductive organs, kidney, face, eyes, neck, throat, chin, cheeks and skin

Health Problems Influenced by Venus

Kidney and bladder stones, Eye problems like Cataract and vision impairment, Sexual diseases like impotency, paralysis, issues with conceiving children, Asthma, Phthisis, Anemia, cough, cold, diseases of urinary system and diabetes.

Other Major Influences of Planet Venus

Governing Day of the Week


Governing Direction


Governing Season


Governing Metal

Silver and Platinum

Governing Color


Governing Gemstone

Diamond (Heera in Hindi)

Substitute Gemstone for Diamond

White Sapphire and Zircon (Jerken in hindi)

Governing Shape


Governing Numbers

All numbers summing up to be ‘6’ (six) like 6, 15, 24, 33, etc.

Governing Flavor


Governing Professions

Trades and professions pertaining to art, entertainment, beauty and luxurious products, food items especially sweets.
Also, arts and motion picture disciplines like theatrics, drama, drawing, sculpting; painting, movies, acting, decoration, photography, etc. are also lucrative professions.
Baking, beautification jobs, luxury and rare item makers are also something that Venus governs.


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Remedies for Planet Venus

Venus placement can bring about a great change in ones life. If the placement is not very favorable, the following remedies can be exercised to ameliorate the effects of such positioning. In such circumstances, the following quick remedies can help in improving the counter effects of Planet Venus in your life:

  • Recitation of Mantras of Planet Venus, namely

Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah (Beej Mantra)

The Venus Stotra:

Hima kunda mrinalaabham daityanam paramam gurum sarva shastra pravatkaram bhargavam pranamaamayaham (The Venus Stotra)

Om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae dhanur hastaaya dheemahi tanno shukra prachodayaat (Gayatri Mantra of Venus)

  • Philanthropic act of donation of fancy items like perfumes and sandalwood to women on Fridays
  • Worship Goddess Durga
  • Regular recitation of Durga Chalisa and Venus Mantra
  • .Wear Rudraksh (preferably six faced)


Planet Venus is considered a great teacher and imparter of rare knowledge. Hence, it really can be invigorative and luxurious if Venus is placed appropriately in one’s kundali. The above suggested remedies can be practiced to arrive at a favorable position. Being a feminine gender, Venus has affinity towards vanity and luxury and hence, careers in the field of arts and beautification will flourish seamlessly with Planet Venus.

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