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Aries Moon Sign

Aries is the very first sign on the zodiac chart. It bears the sign of a Ham in the constellation. The ram represents energy and masculinity. The creature is also known for its determination and mending things in its way. So before knowing the impact of Moon on Aries, let’s know comprehensive details of all aspects of Aries moon sign:

  • Aries moon sign meaning
  • Characteristics and traits of Aries Moon Sign
  • Conclusion

To develop a comprehensive understanding of Aries moon sign, let's study the below aspects in an elaborate way:

Aries Moon Sign meaning

A moon sign rightly indicates your true intricate and emotional feelings as an individual. It also throws lights on your intuitive and genetic feelings. Aries moon sign means that the positioning of moon in one's horoscope was in Aries at the time of the birth of the concerned individual. You have an Aries moon sign, if the Moon is placed in Aries in your Horoscope.

Characteristic and Traits of Aries Moon Sign

If you are born with the moon sign in Aries, you would feel the innate need of independence and being on your own, much like the Ham, the character representative of Aries sign. Fire defines Aries as a sign, meaning that you will be at your energetic best when you have a drive towards something, a challenge to look forward to, etc.

Being a cardinal sign, Aries is driven by the very need of an action. Below are the major traits that one imbibes with a moon sign in Aries:


Born with a moon sign in Aries, an individual tends to bear characteristics of a pioneer or someone who would get things going, start a movement, etc. You might start, raise your voice, break the ice or even lift things up when the need be.

On your own

An individual bearing moon sign in Aries is at his/her best when left to do his/her own thing. They detest being controlled and flourish impressively when independent.

Emotional Independence

When we talk of Aries as people who seek independence, it is not just a physical independence they seek. They like being independent on an emotional level as well. They respect other's space and like that for themselves too. When others try to control you or your emotions, you are likely to feel perturbed.

Allergic to Sappiness

When you're a pioneer, dynamic and headstrong individual, little room does it leave for accepting feelings like sappiness, over display of sentiments, etc. As you would be more of a getting to the point kind of person, display of emotions is likely to make you feel uncomfortable.


What matters to you is accomplishment of your final objective, even if it makes you privy to things, people or behavior you do not like. Your endurance towards negation and any sort of hardship, looking at the bigger picture, makes you a champion.

Prompt Reaction

All it might take for you to start a reform is getting an instinctive feeling towards it. You are quick to react when you identify your calling. The promptness of your reaction sometimes does not gel along with those who are not on the same page as you.

Action Oriented

Having Moon Sign in Aries makes you devoid of feeling obliged to engage in unnecessary pleasantries. You directly get to the point, and expect that from others as well. You are extremely action oriented and results driven. The honesty in your style sometimes unintentionally hurts others because you can't candy coat things.


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Short Temper

Being ruled by Planet Mars, also known as the Lord of war, you are likely to get extremely excited over little matters too. As you want quick actions and prompt results, all of it needs inputs of other people too, who would not be under your control. This is likely to upset you and you are easily prone to lose your temper.


Having warrior like qualities, you are likely to be an individual that people look up to. You will go to great lengths for supporting people you like.


Being born with an independent and passionate sign, determining your strengths and using them to your advantage can bring true justice to your mettle. You are a born spear header and even with little motivation, you have the ability to move mountains. While lethargy takes over the world, you are the one with swift actions and prompt results. But, at the same time, no body works in solace. Your energy can be inspiring if channelized with nobility and motivation. Your endurance can come handy in situations of disagreements or lack of desired results. You bear warrior like qualities with undeniable charisma and innate valor. You are idealistic and you must realize the potential.

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