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Cancer Moon Sign

Ruled by the Moon itself, Cancer bears the sign of a crab with its claws. Being a Cancer Moon sign means that you have an inherent need for nurturing and are immensely sensitive and caring. It is a cardinal and self driven sign. Also being a water sign, you ate featured with an absolute need of nurturing others.

Cancer Moon Sign meaning

When the positioning of moon in one’s horoscope was in Cancer at the time of the birth of the concerned individual, the person is said to possess a Cancer moon sign. Cancer sign in general represents motherhood, nurturing and caring. You have a Cancer moon sign, if the Moon is placed in Cancer in your horoscope or natal chart.

Likes and Dislikes of Cancer Moon Sign

As a Cancer Moon sign, you tend to like caring for and nurturing others through routine, you like having company and also enjoy getting compliments.

As a Cancer Moon sign, you dislike not having a routine, outgoingness and being on your own.

Characteristic and Traits of Cancer Moon Sign

If you are born with the moon sign in Cancer, being a water sign, the guiding for you would be the innate need to nurture and care. While Cancer is anyways governed by the Moon, having a Cancer Moon sign would make you extremely empathetic, compassionate and sympathetic towards others.

Being a water sign, Cancer is driven by the innate sense of nurturing and taking care of family and friends that comprises of their immediate world. While we have stated the likes and dislikes of a Cancer moon sign, below are the major traits that one imbibes with a moon sign in Cancer:


Born with a moon sign in Cancer, an individual tends to be driven towards feeling the urge to make your loved ones nurtured and loved. They will go to great lengths to create a well nourished and comforting ambiance for their loved ones.

Craving Appreciation

While Cancer Moon Sign goes all out in serving and nurturing others, they also have a tenacity to want to feel appreciated for the efforts. You like being complimented for your efforts and the assumed role as a caretaker.

Close to Mothers

While everyone in general has a very strong bond with their mothers, Cancer moon signs have a much strengthened maternal bond. Being a relatively maternal sign in its very nature, Lunar Cancers will have an immensely strong bond with their mothers. You are so mother oriented that your goal becomes matriarchal nurturing.


Cancer Moon signs are effortlessly creative. As moon is the controller of emotions, and being the governing force of Cancer Moon Sign, you will be patient, compassionate, empathetic and full of all sorts of emotions. With a thought and emotion process like that, you tend to be creative in your field.

Emotional Outburst

Since there are too many emotions in one Cancer Moon Sign, if you don’t have a source of emotional outburst, you may seem too sappy and over emotional to your family and friends. Therefore, it is important for you to channelize your nurturing and over emotional energy to a right source, eg. Keeping a pet, or developing hobbies are highly recommended. A medium of emotional outset is highly recommended in order to not appear as emotionally overbearing to others that is likely to cause discomfort.


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Being a Cancer Moon Sign, you are prone to be instinctively bound to your house. You derive comfort in your house where you can constantly nurture and caress your loved ones. You like the confines of your home where you can assume your self-proclaimed role of the nurturer and care giver. Therefore, you like being housebound to serve those you want to nurture.


Having Moon Sign in Cancer makes you moody as well, because being too emotional sometimes has a toll on everyone. Your mood varies and that can make you a little unexpectedly moody in your general conduct.

Influenced by Routine

Your nurturing tendencies follow a routine, and you are highly influenced by the routine. You like to follow a routine; you like to be precise for and about your caring culture. The more routine bound you are, the more satisfaction you tend to derive out of your nurture and care you cater to your loved ones.


To be a giver and nurturer, you need to be around people you can give or nurture to. So, this makes you dependent upon people like you family and friends, to do what you want to do for them. You feel the need to be around your loved ones whom you can constantly care for.


While Cancer is in general reined by Moon, having a Cancer moon sign brings in double the empathy, compassion and caregiving needs. You are housebound and you always like to be close to family and friends that you can care for, so there is indeed a strong sense of dependency on them. You are overloaded with all sorts of emotions, which sometimes make you moody. You are effortlessly nurturing and very close to your mother. You crave for appreciation of your efforts and selfless thinking. You will have a creative streak. You will understand even the most elusive personal needs that people close to you might have. You might seem too emotional for comfort with a maelstrom of emotions, so it is suggested to have an emotional oust in form of a pet or gardening or another creative habit or routine. As you are too selfless, understanding your personal needs is immensely important.

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