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Third House in Vedic Astrology

3rd House in Vedic Astrology


The Third House is related to communication. The power of communication cannot be underestimated. It helps one form relationships and exchange knowledge. This house necessarily states the communicative streak that people have. Some people are introverts, some are extroverts, some are extremely talkative. This house determines one’s communicative streak, i.e. how well the individuals are able to communication with or convince and influence other people.

Characteristics of the Third House

The third house establishes the ground and ability to communicate, to indulge in exchange of ideas and knowledge and to influence and impart wisdom. Efficient communication also brings about a creative streak in individuals as it enables them to expand their horizons of knowledge. There are prime characteristics of this house that define its very nature. These characteristics features can be stated below:

1. Ruling Sign and Ruling Planet

Gemini is the Ruling sign of the Third House. Mercury is the natural significator of the Third house.

2. Ruling Body Part

The Ruling body part(s) of the Third house includes shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest, lungs, collarbone, ears, and breathing canal.

3. Governing Factors

The Third house reflects the exchange of information, communication, creativity, wisdom. With a fine placement, a native could be good and articulate in communicating with others. This could enable them in impacting the lives of others, establishing friendships and creating compassionate relationships.

4. Relationships with other planets

Every planet brings about an impact when placed in the Third house, depending upon their ruling planet and degree of impact. Following is the summary of what these planets reflect, when placed in the Third house:


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Sun in Third House

Such natives are very loquacious. They travel communicate more and make new contacts. They like theatrics and drama and want success by virtue of their high ambitions. They gain a lot of wisdom with travelling and socialization. They like to know outcomes when it comes to depending upon new ideas.

Moon in Third House

The natives have a curious mind and like to know more about things. With more knowledge, their interests are constantly wavering. They try to get into people’s heart through cheerfulness. They also have a big heart. They travel quite often in their lives because of their life partner or parents.

Mars in Third House

Such natives are talkative and have a creative streak towards writing. They like to communicate more and travel more. They are courageous but must exercise caution when engaging in extremely dangerous adventure sports. They are inspirational. They might not have their best relationship with their siblings.

Mercury in Third House

This placement is featured with many short journeys. These journeys could be for educational or professional purposes. The natives are good at many things and also indulge in more than one course. As they travel a lot, their intellectual and communication skills are very good and they work well in careers involving writing, journalism, etc.

Venus in Third House

Such natives are too polite and soft spoken. They also like travelling. They like beautiful ambiances and clean atmosphere to function in. They are intrigued by literature and arts and mostly end up pursuing career in that field.

Saturn in Third House

When Saturn is in the third house of one’s horoscope, the natives face issues due to lack of communication skills. They are pessimistic in temperament and people don’t enjoy company of such people. They are good with crafting strategy and in analytical roles. They need to exercise caution while driving.

Jupiter in Third House


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The natives have great intuitions. The mental prowess becomes more prominent and efficient. The natives become quicker with their efficiency in problem solving and comprehensions. Indulging in works that require physical movement would help in de-stressing.

Rahu in Third House

The natives want their message to be heard and understood, and yearn for such recognition. They are mostly indulged in fields of communication like journalism, travel, language skills, marketing and advertisement. They have intuitive abilities and are aware of how to use them to their advantage.

Ketu in Third House

The natives are featured with courage and activity. By virtue of this movement, they tend to become strong. They also get some spiritual insight with this placement. There are chances of sudden monetary gains. However, the bond with siblings is likely to be affected with this positioning.


The third house represents the ability to communicate, impart, transmit and learn. It establishes the ground for curiosity, learning and how well can individuals use them to their advantage. It also reflects on the influencing abilities of individuals. With a right placement, individuals can also impact the lives of others with their influential skills.

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